Tuesday, June 18, 2013


good day readers , i must bring to your knowledge that fanbox is a scam.the reason is most of the money  i made on this site ,they have refused to pay. please steer clear of the site and their dubious program.

{if youve not heard fanbox is the new place to build real traffic .
what is fanbox , well fanbox is a social media site ,
here you can make friends or fans and interact like social sites do but in this case you are getting paid.
to earn on fanbox is not difficult once you master the console you are good to
moreover,get tips from fans and friends ,find out how you can achieve this and that from experience coachs at fanbox.
for me online is part of life and making something out of it is the
iceing on the cake.}


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free Web Design And Development Company And Custom SEO In India

1. Character Limits – 65 or less. Including spaces. Sorry folks, if you write more your title will end with a "…" Some cases you can have up to 70 characters but just play it safe and stick with 65.

2. Keywords and key phrases – Make titles page specific. Use longer key phrases where possible. The more relevant your title is to content the better your pages will rank, and obviously higher rank = more traffic.

3. H1 tag – Repeat your title tag in your headline. This will help with relevancy and communicate clearly that the audience has landed on the correct page.

Next are your description tags. The description will appear underneath the title tag on the search engine results page. The keyword being searched will appear bolded when contained in the description tag or title tag. Studies have shown that potential visitors are more likely to click on your link when the beginning and end of the description is bolded.

Description Rules -

1. Character Limits – Google will only display up to 160 characters included spaces when it comes to descriptions. Yahoo and MSN will display a little more (165 and up to 3 lines) but stick with 160 as a max.

2. Visibility and Click through rate – Remember to sell to the audience. Use the title and description to hook visitors. It's like a great commercial.
Ads by Google

3. Visitors are not stupid – Tell the truth. Visitors will leave if your title and description do not match your actual web content.

4. Universal Descriptions – Do not do it. If the site content targets multiple keywords it is better to leave the description tag blank. Search engines will pull the keywords from the sites content and display the content that surrounds those keywords. These keywords will be bolded. Bolded information will always improve visibility and click through rate. Use discretion when using the description tag.