Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yahoo is one of the most popular search engine. If you analysis your website/blog traffic source you can notice many visitor comes from yahoo search engine. So, it is important to submit your website/blog to yahoo for fast index.

To do this, a yahoo id is must needed. If you have a yahoo account, you can easily go to do this. If didn't have create one.

You can submit your blog/website sitemap in yahoo. But i only discuss about blogger blog sitemap submission. To do this, follow the following instructions.

1. Firstly go Yahoo SiteExplorer.
2. Now, put your blog url in the "Add My Site" portion.

3. Now, LogIn your yahoo account.

4. Then Click Metatag option for Authentication. Blogger didn't allow file upload option. That's why you can use file upload option. If you have website, you can use file upload option.

5. Now copy the Metatag and paste it according the instruction. And then click "Ready to Authenticate".

6. Then you will see Verification confirmation.

7. Now, click "Feeds" form side bar.

8. Put your sitemap and click "Add Feed".

that is it folks

Saturday, December 18, 2010

easiest way to get listed on major search engines even google.

for a website or blog owner typing your url into search engine and yet not being able to find your site can be frustrating. any experienced IM will tell you article remains one of the way to get website or blog on search engine.yep thats right article wtiting is the best way to get your website or blog crawled by search engines  but how to achieve this has been elusive.if you have tried submitting articles to article site or article directory and yet to no avail.you must know that the amount of articles these sites process or churn out is far to much for them to handle eventually leadind to dumping of your articles.here is a very good trick to use to get your website listed on major search engine.
 create a free blogger blog on google and the post a minimun of 2 to 3 articles a day.do this for about two weeks .thereaftergo to google search engine and type in your website .surprised! your site is now listed.