Monday, July 4, 2011

Search Engine Optimization - Boosting Wordpress Blog & Website Traffic

Search engine optimization is a continual practice of using search engines such as Google to index and rank web pages and content. Learning the tricks of the SEO trade has multiple benefits. The goal is to increase traffic from search engine keyword queries so more people see your site. Search engines use algorithims (arithmetical sets of "secret" rules) to analyze web pages. Your page is referenced against other pages based on content and then ranked in keyword searches by relevance. Sites that rank high in keyword relevance and content get ranked higher. SEO uses tactics to optimize your site. is the top blogging site on the net. Thousands of users publish personal blogs. has more functionality for users that want a lot more options and features, including the ability to install plugins, or enhancements to increase the functionality of wordpress further. Frequent bloggers and especially website business owners develop websites using because it is an easy to use interface with a lot of themes to publish professional looking pages. allows members to establish their own domain name with a hosting provider just like any html site. SEO plugins are available to easily upload to your wordpress and activate to optimize on-page SEO. Plugins such as WP SEO Beast optimize a web page that uses wordpress in 3 simple steps. 1. Enter the keywords and implement recommendations 2. Type in title, descriptions, and tags and 3. Hit publish. Results speak for themselves with more traffic and the website
ranking higher in search engines.

What does the plugin do exactly?

It intelligently looks at the H1, H2 and H3 tags and tells you how to fix it to make the content much better for the search rankings.

Automatically decorates the keywords with bold, underline and italics to show the search engines that your page is targeting that particular keyword; resulting in a much higher search engine ranking.

Tells you the exact keyword density and the length of the content. It is a well known SEO fact that the keyword density and the content length are crucial factors in the SE rankings and it helps you at getting it right.

Analyzes the post for images and then suggest the alt tag alterations. Google loves media and images are a must for each page if you want to rank better.

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