Friday, April 1, 2011


Once upon a time ping service was a tool to create backlinks ,bookmarks site integration on search adays with the massive awareness of online money making scheme and especially google adsense program.a lot of croaks have come up with bogus sites promising of spining your article to over a million social sites search engines and review pages.but if you take a good look at this site you find adsense on it or any other CPA ads.the truth now is that many article site are really not fancying the idea of pinging blogs. i bought a software called autoblog samurai the seller had made me believe that autoblog samurai was all in all and will get my article index faster and there by raising my page my great dismay all the article i submitted through the samurai came back with a message saying i should log in to post content so when i logged in i posted the content manually and this defeated the purpose of the automated sincere advice is build traffic organically and wait until it grows .really you need patience and determination in SEO and TRAFFIC  as a website owner.have a nice time.

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