Thursday, April 7, 2011


How can google detect that I am click on my ad. this is like a riddle with many answers.
Clicking on your own ad in any adsense program is tantamount   to account disablement .so in a few words I will be talking how google can find out invalid clicks.
  1. COOKIES. Cookies are those file you find in Microsoft Windows cookie folder when you navigate from local disk c through documents and settings. They keep tabs on all online line activity you engage in. in programs like google adsense, it is expected that these cookies should not be tampered with. Any form of alteration either deleting of these files or disabling them from browser settings this will raise alarm through there dedicated servers.
  2. BROWSER; during installation browsers collect a lot of your system information .during connection with another server many information exchanged hands which you are not aware of .this information is stored on some data base for future purpose. lets say during an investigation if a person is suspected of a crime and needs to be found out this servers can be queried and all information in there data base retrieved .
  3. IP; every internet connection has an IP assigned to it. It is like a name that identifies your (ISP) internet service provider. this can be likened to a telephone number .from looking at a number one can know the location you are calling from by the international code assigned to it.
  4. SEO; traffic from forums clicking on ads can be regarded as invalid based on the fact that such traffic can be manipulated or conspiracy. Where as traffic clicks from search engine query are regarded legit because the clicker was searching for the product, service, application, information or the webpage.
  5. CLICK PATTERN; Usually in webpage running adsense ads you will notice that apart from the ads typical of the site there are other ads which does not relate to the content of the site ,it is human wisdom that if you are searching for scholarship and you click on ads displaying estate agency, such action can be countered as dubious. Also the duration of you viewing such a page if that page was closed as soon as it was clicked, these counts as dubious click. Also the frequencies of clicks by a regular IP will only but raise alarm.
  6. PROXY; any click via proxy is nullified and penalized.

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