Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Off-Site SEO To Increase Your Website's Search Ranking

Off-Site SEO, search engine optimization, is applied to make your website more visible to users searching for particular terms when searching keywords or phrases via a search engine. Having effective off-site SEO will increase the odds that somebody will click on your site. There are many ways to achieve this objective and listed below are a few proven examples that will essentially take your website to a whole new level. Just about every way, revolves around some sort of back-linking.

--Blogs: Blogs are one of the cornerstones to increase traffic to your website while also making you an expert within a particular field. If your business and subsequent website is tax preparation, you would to base a lot of your blog entries on tax preparation or some related field like accounting or bookkeeping. In the blog, you would have links set up that are directed to your site.

This is called back-linking to your site and most search engines place great value in these back-links as long as they are relevant to each other. Search engines tend to frown upon and may penalize a site that has irrelevant links set up.

If you write enough blogs about a particular subject, many people(and even search engines) may start regarding you as an expert in that field. Which is good.
Some good sites for blogging are: Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger.

--Articles: Articles are another great way of getting links back to your site. Similar to a blog, you write an article about a particular subject and submit it to a site that accepts, promotes and markets articles written by people with varying skills and talents. Many of these article sites allow you to have an Author Signature or Bio section, which is where you would put information about yourself and a couple links back to your website. One caveat though, make sure that you submit your articles to reputable sites. If a site is not considered reputable by search engines like Google, then the links will most likely be ignored and you will have wasted a lot of your SEO efforts

--Link Trading: Trading links is another way to establish links to your site. But as with article writing and blogging, you need to make sure that the site you're trading with, is relevant to your site. You wouldn't want to trade links with a pizza joint if you're a tax prep business.

--Directory and Forum Profiles: Here's another top-notch method to creating links back to your website. Many directories and forums will allow you to post your website URL in your profile, either within the Bio or Signature sections.

There are a few more methods for off-site SEO but the ones listed above and easy and can be very effective if you make sure that the links are relevant while you're also giving people an expert viewpoint. Many of the methods are easy to master. But should you decide to hire an SEO firm, make sure that it's affordable when compared to your business income.

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