Thursday, June 16, 2011

Requirement of Natural Search engine Optimisation

There are currently two types of search engine optimisation – natural search engine optimisation and paid search engine optimisation. Natural listings are those that are organic and that appear naturally rather than being paid for – pay per click advertising is a good example of paid search engine optimisation.

Natural search engine optimisation is what we specialise in at Freelance SEO Bristol although we do a nice line in paid search marketing as well! Natural listings are the listings that are built through web page optimisation and back links – more about these in a minute. At Freelance SEO Bristol we only use outstanding techniques for optimising your website – techniques that have stood the test of time, use sophisticated technology and that are going to give you company the reputation and exposure you've been looking for.

Natural listings are achieved by optimising each individual web page on your website. It's a common preconception that a search engine takes your whole website as a chunk and presents this to users when they search for your business. It's actually a lot more complex than that. In order to match a user's search with your website a search engine needs to have an idea of what each of your pages contains. This is known as indexing. Think of indexing as dumping a load of information into a database – this is essentially what it is but there are many algorithms and scary mathematical processes happening in the background.

Search engines feed off of keywords and optimised content. They also like a few backlinks as a desert so the more you have pointing back to your website the better. We 'll ensure each and every page on your website is optimised to the max and that you have a huge amount of backlinks pointing back to your website. The search engines will love you for it!

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