Monday, May 16, 2011

Google Video Ads

What are Google Video Ads? A new(er) form of PPC (and CPM) marketing which appear on the Google Partner Network which is the majority of adsense sites. Instead of seeing adsense, the visitor sees a static movie frame. You can either pay per 1000 impressions, or the better option is per click.
With G Video Ads if someone plays your video on a site this is NOT classed as a click and as such, you can pitch your product prior to them visiting your page so your traffic is a hell of a lot more targeted than regular PPC, you pay only when they click through your video to your site.
As you can see, because you get to pitch your idea to them prior to having to pay anything, your leads will convert at a much higher percentage. In adsense/adwords you only get to pitch two short sentences, imagine how much more powerful voice and video are at getting your point accross.
There can be sneaky methods involved in it, most "webmasters" have adsense as an extra form of revenue so pick your direct competitors and have your video screenshot showing something like "click this video to see why this website will not help" when they click it, you can go ahead and tell them why they should instead go to your site.
As well as the actual video, you can place affililiate links above and below it to maximize your returns. Due to the desperate nature of regular PPC kiddies to gain top spot on the search engine, the potential returns are reducing due to the increasing costs of clicks. We need to look into new methods of getting the advantage back.
Google Video Ads could be just what you are looking for.

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