Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Significance Of Click Through Rates In SEO

Advertising through a pay per click campaign is essential for a web marketer to attain success for their online business. This method will generate clicks and is the essential way of getting traffic to your website, thus the opportunity to have conversions and eventual sales.
This pay per click ad campaign requires some SEO practices and the right implementation strategies to make the advertising campaign successful and not commit advertising losses along the way. Click through rate or CTR is one element that has to be done correctly, not only for getting the traffic that can lead to conversions but to keep ad expenses down.
Click through rates is the percentage rate of the number of people who clicked on your ads against the number of times these ads are displayed. This element has to be closely looked into, because not getting a fair amount of clicks will lead to your ads being stopped by the network.
The click through rate will also have a high influence on quality score because high click through rates will lead to a good quality score for your ads. Good quality scores will further reduce the amount you will spend for your ads or the cost per clicks of these ads.
There are some ways that you can implement to improve the click through rate of your ads. Some of these methods are the following:

Use highly targeted keywords in your ads. The use of relevant and highly targeted keywords can attract the qualified viewers and these words can attract them to click and view your ads.

Compelling ad copies will attract and entice viewers to have a peek on your ads. Attractive ad copies can have that compelling effect on viewers and can motivate them to make a click.

The use of long tail keywords can target the quality people who can have the tendencies of clicking on your ads. This will also keep your ad costs down and further improvement of click through rates will further lower your cost per click.

It is important that you know your target audience. Knowing the people you are targeting (specifically those in your niche field) will help you have the choice of the proper keywords to use in your ads.

Choose the specific websites that you want your ads displayed. Relevance should be given significant importance while popularity may not be more of a priority because people going to these sites may only be interested on their contents and your ads will not get noticed.

An important key to implement is the proper monitoring and tracking of your results because you will know which ads are performing and which are not. Through this strategy you can make adjustments on non-performers or totally discard these.

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