Monday, May 9, 2011

Collection of Autoblogging plugins and tips

(Always) Updated Collection of Autoblogging Plugins and tips.
How to do an effective Keyword Analysis.
Step-by-Step Guide on Setting Up a decent Autoblog.
Things to Take Care of while Autoblogging.
How to convert Summary Feeds to Full feeds.
Starting on.
(Always) Updated Collection of
Autoblogging Plugins and tips.
This thread deals with various autoblogging plugins and softwares around the net.
The ones you should use. From Keyword Digging to various tips in between.
The plugins, I use, are shared in a neat "wp-content" folder, which you can readily upload to your wordpress blog.
Most plugins/softwares here, are shared at the end.
Keyword Digging
Google Keyword Tool – the best keyword analysis tool ever.
Market Samurai
Micro Niche Finder
The last two are paid softwares. But, nonetheless, Google Keyword Tool works best.
(watch for my Keyword Analysis thread.)

Basic Plugins (Plugins you should have in any blog)
Adsense Deluxe – selectively embed Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Network ads in your WordPress posts.
Akismet - so you never have to worry about spam again.
HeadSpace2 - an all-in-one meta-data manager that allows you to fine-tune the SEO potential of your site.
Platinum SEO pack – Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).
WP DB-Backup – backup your core WordPress database tables.
WordPress Automatic Upgrade – automatically upgrade the wordpress installation to the latest one.
Google XML Sitemaps – create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog.
Google Sitemap Generator – generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog.
Yet another related posts plugin – gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry.
All of these plugins are included in "wp-content" folder.

Getting the content.
Getting content for your blog is, indeed, a decisive part of autoblogs.
The way, I do this is either fetching up some feeds, or fetching articles through some plugin.
I am not a big fan of Unique content, and in my opinion, it doesn't matter if you have duplicate content, till you are covering up your ass well.
wp-o-matic – makes autoblogging a snap by automatically creating posts from the RSS/Atom feeds
Caffeinated Content – a nice little plugin to instantly fetch content from article directories, Yahoo answers, and YouTube.
WP VideoTube – if you prefer building Video-blogs, or want videos from YouTube, this one is for you.
Unique Article Wizard Plugin – Adds some unique articles daily to your blog, on assigned keywords. This one is useful, if your keyword is broad.
Autoblogged – well..
Converting your duplicate content to Unique unreadable content.
WordPress WriteAgain! – A plugin for rewriting your content. Though, sometimes repeats words inside the rewritten content. The owner is BHW member, and is saying to release a new version to deal with the problem.
Syncontent – A nice plugin to rewrite your content. Prefer this one, over WP WriteAgain!, atleast till the update is out.

WP Spinner – spins your content, everytime someone visits your blog.

Some Tips.
Do not install more than 6 autoblogs on same hosting. As far as possible, try to use separate C-class IPs for blogs in same niche.
Try to keep your Content posting timings random.
Take special care of your blog themes and footprints.
Do not post more than 4-5 posts per day for one blog. Although, until the content is indexed by Google, or before Gbot comes to your site, you can add bulk posts at once.
If you are building a blog-farm, try to keep them unlinked. Also, the growth should be organic.
Try to randomize your blog designs, layouts, posting habits, adsense layouts, etc. The more is the randomness, the better are the chances of your blogs' survival.


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