Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Rip a Website in 1 Minute

There are a couple of methods that you can try out (Free, Paid or Torrent D/L)
Use the following program
HTTrack Website COpier (Its open source)
(Pretty straight forward program to use; even has proxy support)
***(Another FREE WAY)***
This free way involves just by simply using your browser (Firefox and IE; didnt test it with Chrome yet)
Step1 – Simply visit the page you are interested in ripping
Step2 – Click on the File Tab on the browser
Step3 – Click on Save As (CTRL+S)
Step4 – A new window will pop up asking you what to save. Make sure the "Save as Type" is Webpage, complete
Step5 – Your done
*The downside to this method is that it just downloads most/all the files with no structure. Everything is downloaded into one folder. So the images, css, etc aren't in there own seperate folders.
***(PAID) ***
Pay for the following program
www(dot)webextractor(dot)com/ (I use this with HTTrack if I cant download all the files)
Telport Pro
www(dot)tenmax(dot)com/teleport/pro/home.htm (I have not used this program personally)
You guys are smart here. Visit your favorite torrent site and do a search for 'webextractor' and 'telport pro'. You guys will know what to do next.
I hope this helps everybody that is struggling with this situation.
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