Friday, May 13, 2011

Custom ScrapeBox Blog Analyzer

Custom ScrapeBox Blog Analyzer (Value $100). This tool runs on ALL versions of Windows and does NOT require .NET to run.This program can scan up to 40 MILLION blogs/urls at once searching for your keyword (To find WP blogs that you can comment to I search for "wp-comments-post.php") and will output 3 files: good, bad, error. You can use up to 1,000 threads (Depending on your connection speeds), specify custom timeout settings, select up to 40 files containing 1+million urls in each file and can tell the application to automatically retry failed links. The BEST part is that this application does not crash like ScrapeBox Blog Analyzer does and even if it did, you can easily resume from where it stopped without losing any data. This is a MUST HAVE tool if you scrape a lot of blogs using ScrapeBox and need an EASIER, FASTER and SAFER way to see which blogs can be easily posted to using ScrapeBox Fast Poster.

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