Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to increase google page rank without stress

One of the main factors in page rank is being relevant for keywords you want to rank high.
So of course you need to have relevant content as many of you already know.
But here is a trick that may help to boost your pr instantly.
First check all your websites pages and find any pages that are not relevant to the website and keywords you want to rank for.
For example terms of service pages, contact pages, login pages, even sales pages since many will bring down the pr score since they are not relevant to the website.
Then add a file if you do not already have one.
Then add the Disallow: tags to all of the pages that you have decided are not relevant on your robots.txt.
For those of you who have not made a robot.txt file before it is simple to do just look up robot.txt samples on google.
this works simply by bringing up the % of relevant content on your site by reducing irrelevant content in turn raising your page rank.

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