Monday, May 16, 2011

Making Money with GPT Sites

There's a lot of ways to make money online, and some take more work than others. This is no "get rich quick" scheme, you're not gonna make it overnight, or even in a week, probably not even in a month or two, BUT, if you keep at it, I will guarantee that you will make money using GPT Sites.
Basically, GPT Sites (Get Paid To) are sites that pay you to do these offers/ surveys, and they pay you $.35-$40.00 for each one you complete, depending on the length. You CAN make good money doing this, but it'll probably take you forever, and i'm sure you won't want to fill out (yes/no) surveys for the rest of your life to make some extra change…
All GPT Sites have a referral program, and for everyone you refer, you're paid a certain percentage of their earnings, and in some cases, you're paid for your 2nd or even 3rd level referrals too!! The referral program is the easiest way to make money when you start getting a good downline built, because it all starts coming together by itself, and it's fairly easy after a while!!
With that basic knowledge, we're gonna go start a blog at, sign up with a bunch of GPT Sites, and make that blog look amazing!! Write reviews on the blog, give quick details of each GPT Site, such as Referral Percentages/ Cashout levels/ etc.. The better the blog, the more convincing it will be to your readers!!
Once you have this blog all set up, just go out and promote it!! Do all that you can to get people to your site, or whether it be handing out flyer's to your local pizza delivery place… YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!!! Or you can simply go out and purchase traffic through adwords/ or other PPC Places!!… But I like free, so that's what I do!
Start promoting that blog, do a couple offers/ surveys yourself, get your downline doing surveys/offers, and eventually you'll get a check from the place!! PUT THAT CHECK ON YOUR BLOG!!! Proof of payment is by far the best way to get referrals, because your reader knows they have something to look forward to…
~Rinse and Repeat~
And don't give up after a week, or two weeks, or even a month… because you're not making $800 a month… IT'LL COME EVENTUALLY, just keep doing what you've been doing, and you'll start seeing earnings….

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