Monday, March 21, 2011


    1. by TRAFFIC EXCHANGE by using traffic exchange one most exercise caution as in if you do this just to rank your page high then its ok no problem but if you use traffic exchange for programs like ADSENSE you can get you account disabled.always ensue to use traffic exchange for ranking you website high then later deregister your site from such programs if you aspire to use ADSENSE.
    2. by MANUAL TRAFFIC by engaging in manual traffic you can make use of you friends in social sites and even date sites, not to forget always lure them to your web page with something interesting and informative.have a mind to be creative.though there are some traffic sites that encourage you to visit a site or to and in return you get a visitor like wise .this sort of traffic can be used to setting up forums or social sites and not for CPA,PPA  and others.
    3. by TRAFFIC BOTS by using traffic bot one makes use of softwares  that can alter internet traffic ,one very popular traffic bot is OUGOS BROWSER.
    4. by GUEST POSTING by guest posting you can write blogs for well established bloggers. some website allows this and when you write on such sites and leave a backlink people familiar with such blogger will one to know you .
    5. by YAHOO ANSWER Yahoo Answers is a source of very targeted traffic that many marketers overlook.The time involved with it and the ease with which it appears Yahoo ban people puts them off. The basic premise of Yahoo Answers is that people ask questions and other people answer them.Think of it as an advice board, if you like.  Some of the questions are bizarre, some peculiar, whereas others are normal.
      The quality of answers varies too from the single sentence, to the rude to the outstanding.  The latter is the type of answer you want to be providing.
      Firstly, people are only BANNED if they abuse the system and provide consistently poor answers.So long as you stay on the right side of their terms of service and provide good quality answers you will have no trouble keeping your account.People have had the same account for years and have accumulated thousands of points, whereas others lose theirs in a few weeks because they break the terms of service.
      The key to succeeding with Yahoo Answers is to find questions that you can answer and your website provides more information on
    6. by FACE BOOK TRAFFIC simply let your friends know your stuff and what you are made of don't hesitate to challenge them .remember quality will always stand you out in this .

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