Monday, March 21, 2011


How can you make sure that your content is relevant to the title?  There are three basic strategies I like to go about doing this.  The first is simply brainstorming terms that are similar.  It's like the old game show called ‘Password'.  What do you think of when I say, colors… mist… sky…?  A rainbow of course.  So depending on the Niche in your titles you can brainstorm a bunch of ideas.  Here is a hint that I like to use to help me with this.  I like to use an online thesaurus to help; is one that works well for this.  The second method is to actually type in the title or parts of your title into Google or Yahoo and see what the results are.  Open each of the first 3-5 links that your search provides.  Each of these links should be laden with keywords that Google loves.  Read each of the articles and not only will you find rich keyword content, but you will also learn about the topic you want to read about to begin with.  And finally, there are keyword tools that you can use.  There are many out there but the basic one is actually the one built into Google Adwords.  There is online help on to actually use the tool and it can provide some gems that you might have missed with the first two methods.
It may rate some content that contains many relevant keywords and I'm talking about 10-15 here, but if your content has 25-30 don't be surprised if Google rates your content on page one or even number one overall.

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