Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Pay As You Go Mobile Phones- The Wallet Friendly Mobile Service

Pay As You Go Mobile Phones is based on the principle of paying a certain amount of money before using the mobile network service to talk. The specified amount then gets deducted based on the usage of the talk time service.

Such mobile network services are quite user friendly as one gets to decide how much one needs to talk. Such Schemes are popular among teenagers & college going students as they need to control their expenses from time to time. People from other walks of life who feel the need to control their financial leakage also use this service. Such service provides the freedom to choose a network of one's choice based on one's financial and quality requirement.

There are various network providers such as Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Virgin etc. which provide Pay As You Go Mobile Phones at a cheap rates. These Service providers also offer lucrative items such as handsets free with Pay As You Go Mobile services. Even big mobile manufacturing companies such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc. provide such network service free with their handsets due to its popularity.

Cheap Pay As You Go Mobil phones Services provide freedom from the shackles of Contract Phones in which there is frequent tension due to high bills. In Pay As You Go Phone there is no need to sign any contract and one is at liberty to use any network service. Various benefits such as free talk time, free messaging, life time validity schemes, add on talk time balance and power recharges can be found quite easily in various Pay As You Go Phones.

If one browses through various mobile stores or the online market one can find Pay As You Go Mobile Phones at very cheap rates. Nokia 2730 classic, Nokia X3, Nokia 6303,Nokia 1208, Blackberry 8110 GPS Silver, Black berry 8520 Curve White are various phones one can find easily at cheap rates in the market.

To manage the phone bills and to curb the monthly expenses one should be eager in buying Pay As You Go Phones which are available at affordable rates.

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