Thursday, March 10, 2011


Many people find it impossible to make money blogging but I am going to prove them wrong in this article. I have been a professional blogger for many years and concurrently get involve in numerous freelance writing, several niche blogs and article writings and business blogging. If you are to engage in business blogging, you should already have good reputation and necessary skills in the related field. You should be noted that the more blog (domain or niche) you set up, the higher your chances of success. By doing so, you will be able to identify the successful ones and you should take the opportunity to capitalize them. In a nutshell, all you need to do is to follow the following steps in creating your blogs.

Selecting your area or niche
In order to success in money blogging, you should firstly identify the profitable niche or area before you create a domain name, buy it, host it and create your blog. For instances, if your niche area is ‘hair care shampoo', then your domain name should reflect your area such as ‘' so that your link can easily lead to. Moreover, you should consider the advertising costs and the effectiveness of the phrase. If you are novice in the area, I would suggest you to download a 12 days trial video lesson from Market Samurai and consider buying it because the lessons learnt definitely worth more than your $97.
Next, you should check the availability of your domain name beforehand at Bluehost or Host Gator. If the names are available, you will have to create an account, buy the domain and hosting from them.
Install WordPress and create your blog
If you use either Bluehost or Host Gator, you can easily get your WordPress blog installed by following their step-to-step instructions given by their employees. With just ten minutes, you will have your WordPress blog set up and you may begin your  blogosphere.
Next, you need to optimize your WordPress installation and this can be easily done by installing the relevant Semiologic software. The software's installation is simple, easy and fast and they provide excellent customer service to guide you throughout the installation process.
Moreover, it enables you to "clone" a setup and this is efficient if you have more than 1 blogs because you can set up another and update them with one click in seconds. This software is also excellent for static website setting as it can be easily found by the search engine, cheap and flexible.
Start Writing
Your blogs' contents must be well-researched, highly related to your domain and informative so that you will have more hits. You should also write the content professionally using good English or else your sources will look unreliable. You should also determine the effective keywords for your tag on the post and anchor text to generate more hits and enhance your position in the search engine.
Promote your blog
Although you have high writing skills, you should acknowledge the intensity of the competition among the worldwide bloggers. You should invest money and time to promote your blog in the search engine so that the surfers will be linked to your blog. There many ways to promote your blogs and the most common ways are using some software and manually generated links. Although these methods are not free of charge, it is better than no incoming links from other websites because no traffic simply mean no income.
Generate income via auto links
You can also generate income by embedding your blogs with auto links such as One Way Links, Linkvana and Uniques Article Wizards. By doing so, your articles will be posted on every blogs in their database.
Promote at different blogs and article sites
You may also set up a few different fee waived blogs and article sites such as Hubpages,, and ezine articles to promote your original blog (paying site). This can be done by including the link it them to enhance its hits. By doing so, you will also enjoy revenue from their sharing advertising schemes.
Earn advertising money from your blogs
You may also include pay advertising in your blogs; for instances, contextual google ads, Google adsense , Clickbank, DoubleClick and Amazon. These advertising will enable you to be paid a commission or small money whenever your blog is visited, your product is sold or the banner ads is clicked. You are advisable to use them in combinations.

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