Thursday, March 17, 2011


• Do you have web pages or an e-shop and you need relevant backlinks?
• Are you a blogger who writes his/her blog and wants to earn money on it?
Backlinks are the keystones of each internet project or e-shop that wants to be really successful on the internet. The backlinks fundamentally affect the website positions in the search results of search engines. The better are the backlinks, the bigger is the effect. It is proven that the best backlinks are from articles. The unique project BackLinks Genius comes with a very simple, but ingenious solution. It connects bloggers and those who need backlinks in an interesting symbiosis. And really everyone will profit on it.
How to earn money with BackLinks Genius?
As well as the majority of revolutionary inventions, the BackLinks Genius is also very simple and most effective. If you have a blog, which has been a pleasure for you, now you have an opportunity to earn money on it. And it is very simple. You register in the BackLinks Genius, place a special code on your blog and advertiser backlinks will be placed automatically in your articles older than two months. This will be done in a way that will disturb neither the appearance nor the meaning of the texts. There will be only links on some of the words in the texts. That's all. And you will be paid a fee for this.
If you are an owner of an e-shop or web pages, for which you need great backlinks, you register in the BackLinks Genius, top up your credit similarly as in PPC systems, set up your campaigns or you have the best keywords designed, and they will be placed in the most relevant blogs and their articles of registered bloggers. Simply ingenious.
BackLinks Genius – satisfaction on all fronts
It is such a perfect and very clever idea that everyone will agree with. The bloggers are collectively registering and are eager for the money they can earn on their articles, which they have been writing so far only for fun or for a small group of readers. And the advertisers get absolutely perfect and relevant backlinks from the articles. Search engines can do nothing but to react by a radical increase of positions of all advertisers who have their links placed, which will do no harm to the bloggers and they will even profit on it.
The international extent of such a project makes from the BackLinks Genius a predator, which will easily beat all automatic systems based on backlinks, but with a low or no relevance. And also the PPC system providers, as the advertisers won't need to invest in these campaigns, if they appear on the top positions for target keywords. Therefore, it won't be necessary to make up for the lower positions by purchasing positions in the PPC systems.
The BackLinks Genius is a smart, simple, low-cost and very effective solution of backlinks that everyone will profit on.

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