Sunday, March 27, 2011

building adsense traffic for more revenue

AdSense traffic is the perfect kind of traffic for an AdSense publisher. The more AdSense traffic you can get the more AdSense cash you'll make. Continuously high levels of AdSense traffic is what all AdSense publishers dream about.
So what are the best ways to get quality AdSense traffic?
There are a number of known ways to get traffic to your website, but not all are ideal for AdSense sites. The best techniques involve attracting visitors that are already interested in what you your site has to offer. Attracting visitors through advertising and search engines is often the best way to get AdSense traffic.
Unfortunately both methods require some sort of sacrifice, financial or good old-fashion hard work. For instance advertising your site through the use of Google's AdWords or Yahoo's Search Marketing can be very costly...  and it defeats the purpose of AdSense; the idea is to make money, not to lose it. Of course you can decide to practice AdSense arbitrage but you will be doing so at the risk of your AdSense account. Google are not tolerant of publishers who deliberately use arbitrage techniques to make AdSense cash.
Advertising can draw in traffic to your site extremely quickly and they can attract very targeted visitors to your website. But it is not a cost effective way of getting AdSense traffic. The other way of obtaining AdSense traffic is through the use of search engines. By getting your site a high ranking on search engines for the most popular keywords related to your AdSense theme you can attract loads of quality visitors to your website.
But getting your website to that all important top spot on the search engines can be an extremely laborious process. Firstly the process takes time; it might take months before the major Search Engines begin to even recognize the existence of your site, much less rank it highly. Also to rank well for a reasonably popular term you need to create a very good site. It has to be quiet large (more than 50 pages), so that it has a degree of stability. Small sites (those less than 5 pages) can rank highly for very niche positions, but that position can change quiet easily if a larger, deeper site covers the same topic better. Larger sites tend to attract quality and more relevant back links which are the criteria by which most search engines judge and rank a website. Also to rank highly a website has to be well optimized with the best keywords. Finding, then incorporating them into a site can be quite difficult.
But the extra effort required to put together a quality site that ranks highly for the best keywords in order to get quality AdSense traffic is well worth it. Search engines traffic is free, it's targeted and it is continuous and it makes for the best type of AdSense traffic.

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