Wednesday, March 30, 2011

improve your page rankng

1. Identify your desired keyword. If you have a niche ecommerce site choose the keyword/keywords that bring you the most volume/sales. You can do this for multiple search phrases, so chances are you can more than double your existing traffic if you already rank organically for multiple keywords.
2. If you want to rank for a new keyword, create a new page and rename it yourkeyword.html. Then make a link from the first ranking page to yourkeyword.html using your specified keyword as the anchor text. Be sure to use a link within the body of text instead of a navigational link.

3. Build incoming links to the second page. It actually doesn’t require many, I did it with one solid ezine article submission and a few other relevant high PR forums. You will only need a lot of incoming links if the keyword has a ton of competition.

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