Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As a marketer one of your main goals should be to dominate social networks. By attracting followers, making friends and nurturing those friendships, you can quickly build a list of valuable leads.

Did you know that twitter is considered to be one of the most effective and impressive ways to increase traffic?

Twitter has become a very powerful marketing tool and has helped many marketers send floods of quality targeted traffic to their main money sites. As an internet marketer you too can use twitter to drive a serious amount of traffic to your site if you know how.

With increased traffic you can increase your subscriber rates and leads and then convert them into paying customers. This leads to increases in your business income.

Follow these 3 steps to maximize your twitter traffic:

Let Everyone Know You're On Twitter: The more people who know that you are on twitter, the more potential followers you can gain. You can let the world know of you twitter existence by including your twitter url in your email messages, your email signatures, blog posts and on your website.

Twitter provides several applications that you can use to let the world know where to find you on twitter. I recommend using them in your business efforts to attract more followers to you on twitter so you can convert them into traffic.

Tweet Good Content Daily: If you want to build a solid relationship with your twitter followers and drive traffic back to your sites you need to post quality content daily- not weekly. If you want to gain active subscribers through your tweets, you'll want to set up a schedule for posting and stick to it.

Don't worry if your followers don't become active right away. It may take some time but they will begin to notice the times that you are more active and after a while they will join you in your conversations, which is one of your main goals.

Keep 90% of your Tweets full of helpful content and limit your promotional ones. No one wants to feel like they are being ‘sold'. In fact, people will go out of their way to avoid it. Your market is searching for information that will help them to solve a problem in their lives. Provide content that teaches them something of value. Show them how to do something immediately that will make a difference for them in their lives and/or business.

By taking the time to build good relationships with your followers, you'll be laying the groundwork for converting them into life-long customers for your products and business. Establishing a good relationship with your followers is vital if you want to take advantage of the massive flow of traffic that pours through twitter every day.

Using twitter is fun and easy and that's why it has such a big draw. I'll be honest, not everyone who uses twitter as a marketing tool will be successful because it takes time, effort, and patience to see effective results. But if you follow these steps regularly you should see an increase of activity and conversions.

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